“HOW YOU CAN HELP”: Political Safari, 3/10/12

This year, from Maine to Washington State to Nebraska, congressional leaders are retiring either from disgust or simple exhaustion with the political process. Most commentators are beguiled by the prospect of a particular house seat or senate chair changing hands and parties.

We think that’s the wrong focus.

Now is the time, we believe, for Americans who care about their country’s future to apply flattery, soft-soap, perhaps even little tiny fibs in order to persuade the imminent retirees that this is their chance to do something wonderful for America.


Taking pages from political campaigns of all stripes, we have developed a letter, or email, to be sent to these folks who just want to spend a little more time with their families, reminding them that WE are their family as well.

We’ve composed a message to these tired men and women, hoping that they have enough energy left to do what they said they were going to do in the first place.

We are not suggesting that each and every letter or email to the Congress be identical. We believe in the literary ability of voters all across the country to make their feelings known in their own language and with their own emphasis on the projects they hold most dear.

Here is an example of what we’re talking about.

“Dear Senator Smith, or Dear Representative Jones:

“I was saddened to learn that you plan to leave the halls of Congress at the end of this term. And although I am sympathetic to your personal needs to return to private life, I am also hopeful that before you do you will remember your promises about (insert here your major concern —for example, restructuring the tax code, or boosting manufacturing, or fixing the super-structure of our great land.)

“Even though I am not a voter in your district, I have long felt the effect of your ideas and good work and want it only to increase in these final months when you no longer have so many outside interests to please.

“This is your final opportunity to become the man (or woman) for whom we all had such high hopes. And while we understand that often your votes have had to be cast for political reasons, now they need not be. Now they may be cast because you actually know what’s right and what’s beneficial in the years to come for us all.

“I hope you’ll understand the responsibility you still have to help “make us whole,” as the saying goes.

“Please do so, and go out with trumpets blaring and crowds shouting their thanks to you.

“Most sincerely,

“John or Jane Doe”

You may email this directly to your Representative or your Senator.  You may also print, copy, and mail to same at Washington, D.C., 02515.


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