P.O.Box 1984                                                 860-435-6240

Lakeville, CT 06039                                 BLOG: Tapdancing in the Hall

Communicator, imaginative solver of structural problems, presenting thoughts and theories in clear, simple English, whether descriptive paragraphs, dialogue, or technical language in any medium: verbally, on the written page, internet, BLOG, class, on radio or t.v. Perceptive writer of instruction manuals, introductions and forewords, after-words; slogans, tag lines, advertising copy – “reluctant reader.” Active award-winning novelist, news director, teacher, copywriter, public relations consultant. Editor, critic, newspaper columnist, BLOG creator, professional proof-reader. Tactful, humorous, direct, comprehensive.

Currently: 1996 – present

NPR syndicated radio writer and political commentator — “Political Safari,” WHDD.FM, Sharon, CT; “Good News,” WHDD.FM, Sharon, Ct.;

News Director, WQQQ.FM.

Columnist for Lakeville Journal.

Award-winning novelist.

Contributing writer: “Berkshire Style”.

Editor of fiction/nonfiction. Book reviewer for Amazon.

Adjunct Prof. Bridgeport, Ct.,  graduate programs in children’s literature,

Lecturer in Modern American and English Literature, Taconic Learning Center.

Copywriter, publicity chief, institutional promotion for

Harcourt, Brace; Franklin Watts; McGraw-Hill; George Brazillier;

Holt Rinehart; Western Publishing.

Editorial Reader for McGraw-Hill, Holt.

Editor-in-Chief, Little Golden Books, Western Publishing.

Critic for “NYTBR”; articles in Library Journal, Wilson Library Bulletin,

Some Things about the Author


Edgar Allan (NYTBR “Best Books of the Year”);

LISA, Bright and Dark (NYTBR “Best Books of the Year);

Touching; Sleep Two, Three, Four!; A Small Civil War;

For All the Wrong Reasons; Freddy’s Book; Sunday Father; Trading Up;

Family Fortunes; The Fun of It; Almost A Hero; Boys Lie; The Handle and the

Key; Gap in Stone Walls (nominated for an Edgar by Mystery Writers of America).

(published by Harper’s, Atheneum, Random House, G.P.Putnam, Penguin, et al.)

Cited by the New England Press Association for Distinguished Religious Writing

B.A., Yale College



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