One of the great mysteries of any American presidential or Congressional election is how often people vote against their own self-interests.

Entire books have been devoted to trying to understand how citizens are cozened into voting for people or parties who most definitely do not have their particular interests at heart.

So it’s time to get serious now. Especially for voters who are single issue voters…those whose hearts are moved by an individual’s stand on taxes or abortion or immigration.

What we have to do is put aside what we’ve already heard from candidates and their PACS, and siphon reality. We have to examine carefully what the likelihoods are that one or indeed any of our candidates are willing to do on our behalves, and how much they are willing to do on their own.

And we have to be on the alert for political PACs that shout to the heavens that the First Amendment is the most important document ever written. It is, or nearly, but what it really does for big money is allow it to try to persuade you that clean energy is too expensive, or Wall Street regulation is somehow harmful, or that competition in the healthcare field is beneficial. It is, of course, to them.

What we don’t want are those players who, when challenged, respond with this excuse: “Sometimes you have to go along to get along.” Nuts, we say. If you have bottom lines and stand firm, you can vote however you want with relative impunity because you’re standing up for your own beliefs as well as our own.

So in an attempt at lessening the self-destructive urges of past decades, let’s look at both candidates and parties to see which, if any, has guts enough to play straight with the public, and with their own consciences. We’re posting this early so that you’ll have a chance to consider your vote and who, or which party, should have it.

NOT in order of importance…..

On Jobs: this is tough. Even Republicans admit jobs are not often created by the government.  (This causes confusion: Republicans over and over again tell us that big government does NOT create jobs; but Mr. Romney is promising to CREATE 12,000,000 new ones. You figure it out.) If you hope to get a job in an industry related to repairing our infrastructure, for example, you have to vote Democratic. If you’ve got a job that makes you happy and that will eventually allow you to live out your life in comfort, i.e., if you’re already rich, vote Republican.

On Immigration: if you or your family include badly documented members in peril of deportation, to vote Democratic.

On Keeping Abortion Legal and WOMEN’s Healthcare: vote Democratic.

On Pre-emptive Wars or international influence: unless you’re an ammunitions czar or an industrialist with government contracts, vote Democratic.

On Education: if you think your children can best benefit from state-wide private (charter) schooling, vote Republican. All others, facing the decimation of a once great public school system, vote Democratic.

On Healthcare: read “insurance.” Again, if you can afford to pay exorbitant premiums endlessly, and fear nothing, vote Republican. If there are items in the Affordable Healthcare Act you need and want, vote Democratic.

The Deficit: if you believe tax cuts are destined to bring our country to the brink of solvency, vote Republican. If you believe that revenue for which the government has genuine uses can grow us back to health, vote Democratic.

The role of Government: if you want nothing to do with regulations, oversight, and national planning, the Republicans are for you. If you believe there are benefits that only Government can provide — security, safety, clean water, air, environments, coming to the rescue after a national natural disaster, etc., you’re a Democrat.

Science, research and technology: if you want more, better, civilization-improving ideas and implements, vote Democratic. If you believe “You made it,” vote Republican.

Climate change: if you think this is a danger to us all, vote Democratic. If not, select the Republican lever.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid: if you believe these are necessary and important parts of our lives, vote Democratic. If you’ve already “got yours,” go for the Republicans.

Values: These are your own. Match them if you can with a candidate’s stated values. If you’re deeply religious, worry about how the country may change and leave you behind, and think that You Did Make It all by yourself, hang with the Republicans. If you believe in We the People, as opposed to We the One Per Cent, you’re a Democrat and proud of it.

Taxes: if you believe a fairer tax code will be helpful to you in the future, vote Democratic. If you’re beyond counting pennies, vote Republican.

Veteran’s Affairs: if you think that as a nation we do enough to help our returning and often seriously impaired servicemen and women to reclaim meaningful lives, vote Republican. If you think that there is a mountain more we need to do for these heroes, vote Democratic.

Religion: if you believe the USA was founded so that people of different faiths could live and work together happily and safely, vote Democratic. If you believe only those who are “born again” will ever see heaven, vote Republican.

The Supreme Court: if you’re happy with the current court and its clear drift to the right, vote Republican. If for whatever reason you still believe in justice, vote Democratic.


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