O.K., events sped to a supersonic stage today. Eric Shinseki fell on his sword.

This is not good news,not only because Shinseki has an unsurpassable Army record, but also because – as John Boehner has said continually – the problems at the Veterans Administration will not be solved by firing the man at the top.

While Shinseki’s resignation makes political sense for both the President and the Democrats, it doesn’t really help the veterans in question. What will? We’re not certain. The bureaucracy below Shinseki was so astonishingly dishonest and greedy it’s going to be tough to believe that new sub-cabinet advisors are going to be any better, or more human.

We wish General Shinseki a fulfilling retirement and time enough to heal the wounds administered by so many others.

The entire affair is a disgrace to those well-meaning supporters of veterans’ health, not to mention the U.S. government and its promises.


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