It’s a wonder what an election can do. And can’t.
Even if the Democrats had won the recent Congressional elections, the end results would have been the same.
The singular message sent by voters to their representatives was direct: do something!
The message was received.
Old and new Senators and Representatives alike instantaneously became nice, reasonable, bi-partisan – seeking problem solvers. As the President said a hundred times in five days, there have to be ideas and projects that have support from both Republicans and Democrats, and that’s where the new Congress, and the country, should begin.
Easy to say. From Mitch McConnell to Ted Cruz to Jody Ernst, Republicans have announced that they agree with Mr. Obama and that surely, certainly, absolutely there are projects and programs supported by their side that the Democrats can also support. And should.
Across the aisles, Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid to Elizabeth Warren, Democrats have announced their support of Mr. Obama’s hopefulness and that surely, certainly, absolutely there are projects and programs supported by their side that the Republicans can also support. And should.
Some “public servants” have even dared to mention what half a dozen of these ideas are. One even allowed that a particular program was a possibility while everything else was dead on arrival.
This is called “making nice.” Or, if you will, telling voters that they are right, and that the future is in fact brighter for Republican dominance than it was.

So, when will this new friendliness erupt?
You guessed it.
The new Congress will do as little as the last one did as long as they can.
Why? Two reasons.
Apparently inaction won the election. Saying “no” works.
Secondly, everyone wants to wait to see who the president will be in 2016, or at any rate which party will clutch the reins of power.
So until the mystery man or woman is clearly identified, nothing is going to happen: no chances taken, no tax overhaul, no educational grants imagined, no immigration solutions envisioned, no wars fought to win.
Both Republicans and Democrats feel perfectly at ease doing as little as possible, and a third reason for this is that so little is expected of them.
All players, including the President, are merely supporting players in Washington D.C. right now, more than content to play second, third or fourth fiddle to the STAR, whoever that turns out to be.
Good films require tension between characters. We don’t mean mere bickering, we mean down-and-dirty ambition.
2015 is going to be the worst film of the year.


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