“Wow. Laying in bed this morning, I started remembering a book that I Had read when I worked in my high school library from 1872 to 1975. The book was called “Touching and, of course, you wrote it. I didn’t remember that this morning, mind you, but some internet searching get me there,as well as the fact that it was apparently re-titled “Twink” when published in paperback. I checked out”Touching”and read it because it had a plot that meant something tome – I too had sisters (two, and not step-sisters) in wheelchairs – both carried a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that kept their muscles from growing properly and killed both of them at young ages – though both way beyond what the doctors said was likely. Anyway, found a used copy of Twink on Amazon and put the order in and then kept searching to see if you were still with us. Not only are you,but still writing, which thrills me! Read your blog post dated for today (2.27/15) and agree with you in so anyways. I am a Democrat who is disappointed in Democrats, though nowhere near as much as I am disappointed with Republicans. To me, the best option out there is the one who, thanks to corporate owned media, would never stand a chance, Bernie Sanders. Well – anyway. Thank you for still being out there, working for the good of American citizens and most of all, American teens. Why is it an author who wrote a book that sold 4 million copies (as I see on the cover of “Lisa, Bright and Dark”) doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry?”

David McLallen

Dear Mr.McLallen:

I love emails but I hate not knowing where physically they come from.

In any case, thanks so much for your note. I’m pleased you remember “Twink” ( a decision in which I had no part) and went your treasure hunt.

Re Wikipedia, I never even imagined putting myself in for a membership or inclusion. I assumed people were listed because of the numbers of other people who wanted to know.

It’s been 45 years since “Touching” was first published. That certainly makes me feel good, as does your letter. Thanks again, and best wishes always,



One thought on “WHY I WRITE (84)

  1. John, how great! The second time I’ve had a chance to share an appreciative reader with you. That is really exciting. Bless you!

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