Miscellaneous Agonies

to think about this weekend as you drive around doing errands, your cellphone to your ear: not in order of importance:

Hillary Clinton’s email system. (I don’t think she’ll run and if she does, she won’t win.)

Bibi Netanyahu (who should have known better) spoke to the right group. The Senate is much more interested in noise than in solutions. At no point the Prime Minister did he offer a plan opposite the plans of John Kerry who, for our money, has been side-lined by the President in order to make the Mid-East stay the way it’s been since 1948.

Why can’t we learn that a politician who says “I have a plan” usually doesn’t have even the kernel of one?

Mitch McConnell’s “triumph” on getting a Homeland Security Bill through the Senate and finally though the House. Then he turns around and proposes a bill restricting the president’s ability to make nuclear agreements.

John Boehner’s escape from certain death by relying on the American public and Mitch McConnell.

The Ferguson Missouri Report which, we are sad to say, will probably change nothing in the end.

The surround of much of the Crimean Peninsula and other “recaptured” Soviet outlands by Vladimir Putin. No one not Russian seems to care.

If Bruce Jenner is “transitioning,” how about young Prince George looking exactly like his great-grandmother.

How can anyone lose a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar dress covered with pearls?

As the stock market climbs, is anyone interested in nailing and punishing those same practitioners for what happened in 2007 – 2010. Or banks? Or Mortgage Companies?

How many thousands of automobiles are still buried in snow in New England?

What will the inclement winter do to the prices of fruits and vegetables across the country?

Noticing the rapid climb in gasoline prices lately?

Hearing David Brooks call the line-up for the Republican nomination better than the one we had in 2012. Is he nuts? It’s the same!

The state of our national infrastructure?

How many more gasoline explosions on rail rolling stock, or Valdez-sized leaks do we need to agree that building another pipeline might not be the wisest thing to do?

Rick Perry, if he can remember it, founding a political PAC.

The Koch boys ready to splurge nearly a billion dollars in domestic politics in 2016.

The astonishing employment report that was released this morning. Can this last?

Parents who refuse to have their children immunized against diseases we thought had been eradicated.

The idea that Scott Walker could out-poll Jeb Bush in any contest. Who in hell is Scott Walker?

Can Jordan, and a few planes from the UAE, really make a difference against ISIS?

Why do American audiences slaver and drool over violent police-procedurals and every form of NCI?

Do we as a people really want the concussion celebration on NFL fields to stop?

Do we want stock cars to stop crashing into rails and each other?

If everything we do is “done” for the children, how come children are those who suffer most from torture, kidnapping, hunger, poverty?

If giving us your tired, your poor, your humble are three legs on the American stool, why have we stopped accepting immigrants?

Since we founded a nation on the ability to think for ourselves and to vote for our own benefit, why don’t we?


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