Along a lakeside, at dusk, we’re fortunate to hear the singular, saddening, often eerie note of a loon surfacing, diving, hungry and alone.

In the wider, realer world we’re equally lucky to hear a cry that echoes what we imagine the loon itself sings. “What? Why? Why not?”

These loony tunes come more often than not from well-meaning liberals. After sleepless nights, these blue-tinted exhausted citizens moan and roll out of bed. The longer they stand motionlessly, testing the atmosphere, the temperature, their balance, the angrier they become. Looking ahead, they see hunger, need, lack of education, lack of ambition, violence.

Out of the shower, dressed, standing with coffee cup in hand, they’re immobilized by rage.

It is at these moments that these well-meaning birds throw back their heads fill their chests with air, and let loose their singular and often heart-breaking, sound.


Food-stamp support is being cut. The Koch Brothers have anointed a candidate. The two are not unconnected.

The Koch brothers have long been fanatic about cornering the market in oil, minerals, agribusiness, natural gas, construction, manipulating the stock market, and nearly any product that can be built, sold, stockpiled. Now they are taking a shot at stock-piling political candidates. Accordingly, any of a number of would-be nominees, six at last count, have passed their litmus tests and secured millions of dollars worth of campaign promises from Chuck and Dave. They are now reported to have 400 million dollars at hand, ready to be doled out to those most momentarily deserving, those they seem to feel more appealing to a wider public than their own office staff. Why not? Why shouldn’t billionaires be able to buy, sell, control and present their own candidate who will, in time, follow directions from Chuck and Dave. And what do Chuck and Dave want?

Naturally they want to be running the world’s biggest show. They want to be king-makers. They want to prove to the rest of us how bright and effective their leadership and ideologies can be. They want to demonstrate to the rest of us how ineffective we are, how untutored, how simple-minded. How much we need them.

Now about those food stamps, destined to be reduced in number and value by Chuck and Dave’s crew in Congress.

“Nutritional assistance” wouldn’t be necessary if Chuck and Dave diverted some of that 400 million dollars to training, instruction, education, and the hiring of out-of-work Americans. Their gigantic industries could absorb millions of needy workers and their families. And guess what, by doing so, those families would be more able to spend as consumers so that the end-result of this economic plan would load the Koch coffers to perhaps to even a larger sum. These rescued children would be able to think better to sort out what messages the Koch’s really want absorbed. And given the lack of cohesiveness between one citizen and another, the Koch boys could clean up as they so often have – see “What’s Wrong in Kansas”, persuading voters who haven’t a lot of time to consider this, to vote against their own interests.

Loons generally exist in small groups, the smallest: father, mother, goslings. When the goslings grow they go off on their own and start their own families. But they don’t’ stay in touch with their own. Which means that while many millions of loons may suffer from one salient problem, they do not share their distress. They try to weather what happens to them alone. Which leads to more problems, gradual extinguishment, fewer birds.

Chuck and Dave couldn’t be happier. They show their gratitude by enormous public charitable gifts. The theory is a natural one: cover the damage with beauty. Beauty lasts. Damage can be controlled.

Now if only the loons could get up on their webbed feet and let loose with their other-worldly complaints as one giant loon nation, the Koch boys might be taken aback. It might even be possible for the loon nation to be better fed, bathed, educated. Ideas and theories might be born for the benefit of the world which includes the Koch boys.

If the Kochs weren’t so determined to rule the roost, they might hear other ideas and plans that would also benefit their empire.

As it is, they’ve taken a fairly large gamble. They seem to believe that despite every evidence to the contrary, the country can be bought, purchase and wrapped and carried away.

Come on, loons! Get together! Unite once more! Make looniness more than a currency up north. Make it matter.


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