Donald J. Trump

There is almost too little to say about this man to continue.

He insults us and the rest of the world without thinking. He has no background in anything but talking about himself and making money. He’s been bankrupt several times, come back from its brink, and still hasn’t learned to shut up.

It’s not that he’s a clown. He’s a bully. And the idea that he considers himself capable of even thinking about running the country is an insult to all Americans everywhere who worry about the future. With Donald J. in the saddle, we’re all right to worry!

His experiences on the diplomatic stage are minimal. Not having held office of any kind before, his abilities to govern are unknown. He doesn’t seem able to agree to compromises or rethinking. “Donald’s way” is off-the-cuff, unable to use specific ideas, figures, plans. His attention span is microscopic.

He’s certainly unafraid. But that seems to be because he’s so incredibly self-oriented he cannot imagine any one arguing or even disagreeing.

He’s insulted American voters again and again.

We won’t mention him again.



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