Due to personal scheduling, we’re having to write this piece in advance of when we ordinarily like to. Usually, we write at the last minute, Friday morning, for the weekend.

We were reminded after last week’s “Political Safari” that we had once, weeks ago, promised never again to write about, or even use the name, Donald J. Trump.

We imagine we were not alone in thinking Trump was wasting America’s time and attention.

And in fact, he may be.

But he has managed to electrify millions of dissatisfied voters by just being Donald. No study, no research, no PACs, no slate of supporting figures, no endorsements.

To be frank, we don’t think the Republican covey is particularly appealing, anyway. But Trump stands out simply by being able to stand on his two feet, open his mouth, and let flow lava of scatter-brained egoistic blowhardiness that has to surprise both him and his listeners.

Trump has command of almost no facts, no theories, no plans for the future. He just stands on his two little feet and promises stadiums full of angry voters (angry at the government, not at him) whatever he imagines they want to hear. He seems to have very few advisors to whom he listens. He reminds us of Roman emperors who spent heavily producing circuses to keep the Italian hordes content…i.e., they were amused and entertained and blood-thirsty, and had no energy left to stop and think how badly they were being treated, or who was leading them, or even what he planned.

Trump has become the poet of the campaign, never knowing when his pen hits the page what’s going to appear…a sonnet, a campaign ode, a limerick.
Neither do his listeners.

Which certainly increases the sense of excitement and wonder in his listeners.

It becomes clearer day by day that Donald is no dummy. His life to date is based on success…some of it even legal. He’s been up and he’s been down, and clearly he loves being up more. He never ceases to regale us with stories of his triumphs, not to mention comparisons between his life and those of his competition.

To keep this short – after all, how many more words is Donald worth? – we’ll have to keep him in our sights and write about him as long as he continues to roil the Republican waters, as long as his following is growing, as long as he can keep getting under the skin of his competitors.

We’re not happy. But we feel duty bound.


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