Not the Best Week Ever

We are reminded of someone’s title or song, “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

(1) We had hoped that Congress would be able to get its act together and begin to address some of the pressing and now immediate problems of governing. No chance.

(2) We had hoped that finally, after spending millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of US government time, i.e., our own, Congress would at last get the answers ostensibly sought by grilling Mrs. Clinton on her role re Benghazi three years ago. Congress didn’t know what it was looking for, which made it hard for it to prospect in them thar hills. In debate rating, the success was all hers: patient, thoughtful, regretful. We are indebted, however, to that female Representative from Oklahoma who asked Ms. Clinton if on one particular evening she was alone, and then added, with stress, “the whole night?” In Fantasyland, i.e. Congress, this could have grown from a discussion of late night callers to one about extra marital sex!!!! Which naturally would have led to a disagreement over a woman’s right to do with her body what she chooses. Whew! That was close!

(3) Is the Donald teetering? This statesmanlike eloquent candidate for the Republican nomination has, at last, slipped a bit and now follows Ben Carson in Iowa polls, another deeply experienced administrator of government and business, whose idea of real life is focused somewhere between the top of an operating table and a tabernacle. This man is not Abraham.

(4) We advised Joe Biden not to run for the Democratic nomination. He agreed. We were heart-broken.

(5) While the US couldn’t see the forest for the trees, China made a deal to supply nuclear power to yet another new ally: Great Britain! Is anyone in government or private enterprise in this country at all concerned that wherever Mr. Xi goes, he brings treats for the natives? International influence, it seems, is still for sale (as we’ve always known), but we’re no longer in the heat of the marketplace.

(6) Approximately twenty people in Texas, who may or may not have believed in Climate Change, died in massive floods. Others, in California, died in mudslides.

(7) Mr. Putin welcomed the bloody dictator of Syria for a brief holiday while thousands of Syrians invaded Europe seeking asylum and food.

(8) John Kerry announced, once again, a trip to the MidEast. We didn’t have to read further.

(9) Former senator Jim Webb dropped out of the Democratic race for the nomination. Not particularly endearing, he was, and is, a solid, thoughtful voice and presence and might have been useful in a Democratic administration.

(10) Once again, our dedicated Secret Service discovered team-members asleep on the job.

(11) Amazingly, someone – the President? The C.I.A., the Special forces? – organized a rescue mission in Iraq, saving the lives of a reputed seventy ISIS prisoners while losing one American serviceman.

(12) Lindsey Graham eked out an appearance on next week’s Republican debate.

(13) Jeb Bush, trying to scale Everest, defended his brother’s deeds and actions in the second Iraq war. This did not push his poll numbers upwards.

(14) Canada took a leap into the future.

(15) There was no mass murder at any US school this past week, yet.

(16) Doctors have managed once more to confuse women across the country by changing their advice on when and how often to get mammograms.

(17) The Chicago Cubs did not make the World Series.

(18) Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe received the Confucius Peace Prize, the Chinese counterpart to the Nobel.

Which leads us to ask, along with the Times’ David Brooks, why anyone in his or her right mind would want to be president of the United States? Could Bernie Sanders really be the idealist he appears and make a difference?

Could anyone?


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