Not in order of importance – what we want in 2016:

As every Miss America or Ms World or Mrs. West Des Moines says: “World peace.”

Good jobs for every American who wants or needs one.

Education that is affordable and leads somewhere for every young person.

An Armed Forces we believe in.

A stock market which returns decently but not obscenely, and which can’t be maneuvered by day traders or CEOs.

Police departments we trust, work with, depend on, support.

Railroads that are economically feasible and profitable.

State houses which are bi-partisan.

What we also want in 2016

A return of the “Draft,” to stimulate our nation’s concern, involvement and care.

A Congress that works.

A wide awake Secret Service.

Financially stable allies.

Détente between us, the Soviets and China.

A climate that reminds us of a hundred years ago.

The complete and utter disappearance of the word “transparent.” It doesn’t exist, and in fact has come to obscure more than elucidate.

Elected leaders at local, state, and national levels who actually want to help the country and its citizens in as many healthy ways as possible. Also honest.

An end to the fictions in our politics. For fictions, read lies.

A return to courtesy of all kinds.

Treatments, if not cures, for horrible diseases the world over.


Being able to send our kids out on the streets on their bicycles without worrying.

Better yet, being able to watch confidently as they set off to walk to their schools, knowing they’ll return safely.

New music we can hum and/or whistle to.

Movies with no special effects.

A serene understanding that death is a part of life.

What we are likely to get in 2016:

A political extravaganza of which we will be heartily sick by mid-July.

A MidEast in continued turmoil.

An income gap, not to mention a gap in how people live, that seems to exist in cement.

More remakes of special effects movies.

More deeply expensive communications gadgets that will cost a fortune and come with a two year locked-in clause.

Endless automobile recalls.

Drugs, rape, and cheating on college campuses.

What we are also likely to get in 2016 ;

A Congress made up exactly as our most recent ones have been, comprised of people who want pensions, healthcare, book contracts, and network notoriety. And who are increasingly close to the one per cent of legend.

Treatments, if not cures, for horrible diseases the world over.

Young people who do not believe in death: they play video games and there’s no blood, characters return, there are no penalties. They see actors killed mercilessly and yet who return the next week on a different program. Why shouldn’t they shoot?

Our political status in chaos. We’ve been politicking for nearly 4 years already and we have, we think, only one more to go before the next cycle revs. Football, tennis, cricket, baseball, Olympics…who cares when none of us is certain what kind of domestic rules, regulations, and personalities will prevail. (We know, down deep, don’t we, that no matter who wins next November, the campaign begins again instantaneously …because no one who didn’t vote is going to be satisfied, and only a fraction of those citizens who did will be pleased. We’re looking, it seems, for the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Or, if you prefer, still looking for one honest man.)

What we are also likely to get in 2016.

Crimea teetering, and Putin paying attention to nothing we or anyone else says.

The Chinese buying allies, as we used to do.

Another million refugees from the MidEast arriving on distant shores.

ISIS weakened perhaps, but still killing. Look to the south at Boko Haram.

The Dalai Lama uncertain about his place in the world.

Canada continuing to be a welcoming, reasonable, sensible and admirable neighbor.

Mexico and Central America giving us both more drugs and more aliens.

A couple of nine.point.nine earthquakes that elicit pledges of assistance but which leave their populations desolate.

A continuing growth in the number of people below the poverty line, a line which still makes no sense to most of us. Try living on that amount with a family of four. A family of three!

More combat and confusion about government-sponsored healthcare.

A minimal five percent increase (which is far below the actual possibilities) in healthcare premiums, for everyone.

Changes in our tax code, designed to shore up that fabled one percent.

New music which is impenetrable.

No flying cars.

Our genuine resolution for the New Year is to make 2015 and 2016 into one year. Combine them. The carryover of concerns and crises demands this. What we didn’t get to in 2015, we have to get to in 2016. Or not. (The “or not” is Congressional.)

The question remains, are we pessimistic or realistic?

We believe in the United States of America. We want to be able to continue in that belief holding hard to those traits and ideas that made the country prosperous and great.

We know we’re not out here alone.

Bless us every one and may the New Year confound us by being so much better than we imagined.


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR (s)

  1. Read the Dexter Filkins article in the New Yorker. Viable Republican candidates for President has shrunk to 1. Cause for hope is shrinking.

    1. Just sent that out yesterday via FACEBOOK. “Moderate Republicans and ABTs: read Dexter Filkins in this week’s New Yorker (1/4/16). Heartbreak.

      Are you sure we’re not long lost and separated twins? Best and cheers, jn

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