Please read today’s (January 12, 2016) Op-ed in The New York Times by David Brooks. It presents a clear-eyed view of Ted Cruz, one many people will recognize.

Additionally, today on MSNBC’s “Mornin’Joe” program, Senator John McCain was actually asked, and replied to, a question indicating that Donald Trump could be elected President.

What – as they say – in hell is going on?

Have we as a nation so lost our way in disappointment and anger that we are willing even to consider either of these men as presidential?

That question is not alarmist. It comes from sincere puzzlement. And concern.

And while evangelists multiply in power and numbers in the country, are we willing to let our lives and futures be organized under their tenets? We believe they are free and sincere in their beliefs. We also believe they are being “horn-swaggled,” i.e., used by others to forward others’ agendae.

Think! For heavens (and our own) sakes, THINK!


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