Friday’s NYTimes, in a front page article (and following) by Jonathan Martin, illustrates how provincial and self-absorbed the Republican party is. And how it is not in any way helping to bring our country to where it once was.

The “Establishment” conservatives are divided over whether to press for Trump or Cruz. What is their main concern? Not jobs, nor tax codes, nor veterans, nor homeless, nor the middle class. In fact, nowhere amid their undoubtedly rabid discussions does a sense of public interest figure.

Say the “truest” Conservatives, Cruz would leave the party “divided, but manageably so, extending a longstanding intramural debate over pragmatism versus purity.” Trump, “on the other hand, poses the most serious peril to the conservative movement since the 1950s-era far-right John Birch Society.”

Who the hell cares?

Wouldn’t one think that the discussion should be about which man is better for the country? Screw the “party.”

Are none of these “establishment conservatives” interested in any fashion about the problems Americans face daily in their lives? Not a one. Period.

If ever there were reasons to vote Democratic, here they are. Let the wizened old men in D.C. turn purple in the face over the choice they feel THEY have to make. Others are, happily, making other, more necessary and healthier choices.


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