Today is so-called Super Tuesday. It ain’t for millions of voters, however. They’re still angry.

We don’t think they’re angry at the government. We think they’re angry at the fact that there is nowhere they can go to right what they see is disadvantage and wrong in their lives.

They (we all) are looking for help and answers.

They (we all) are looking for a time of contentment and progress and hope.

They can’t get this from their government or their representatives. The government isn’t focused on the actual day-to-day condition of people’s lives. Their representatives are so self-involved that as far as they are concerned, having been elected once they can toss the voting public aside and start to feather their nests, which is why they ran in the first place.

They (we all) are terrified. If we have jobs,we don’t want to jeopardize them. We can’task for raises; we’ll be slipped under a railroad car and others will be hired more cheaply in our place.

Our protectors would rather save money and bank it than keep our drinking water safe, our food potable, our streets calm.

So here’s where we are: frozen. Our government is solid gridlock. Our children are unable to learn because they’re hungry and cold, their teachers underpaid and under fire, the future washing on our shores is deadly.

The entire nation is trapped in amber.

Underneath all this we seem to know instinctively that whatever trends there are on Super Tuesday are only that, not action, not solution, not progress.

Damned right people are angry!



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