Caesar’s Wife:Miscellania

We’ve just about reached the end of the road. The only thing left for Trump and Cruz to battle over is their dogs. That would certainly be as fascinating and as picturesque as the “discussion” of Mrs. Trump as First Lady, or of Mrs. Cruz as her husband’s stock-broker wife.

We think it isn’t just us who tire of this circus.

Even John Kasich seems downhearted and a little pale, fatigued. Had he to do this over again with the same supporting cast he might well have stayed in Ohio,retired,and written a book.

It is enough to say we get what we deserve.

On the other hand, there are still some ashes glowing in the grate.

In Thursday’s New York Times, an editorial about Judge Merrick Garland’s chances of a hearing before the Senate contained a particularly disturbing revelation and quotation.

Whether we support individual 2nd amendment rights matters not. What does is the rationale behind Mitch McConnell’s latest excuse for neither hearing nor meeting Judge Garland as the Constitution clearly indicates he must.

This is what our Senatorial Republican leader threw out the other day. “I can’t imagine that a Republican majority in the United States Senate would want to confirm, in a lame-duck session, a nominee opposed by the National Rifle Association.”

WHat? How did the NRA get involved in this?

This statement more or less conveniently closes down the colorful legend of the US Senate being the greatest deliberative body in the history of the world.

What McConnell has implied is that his legislative body needn’t even meet to pretend to discuss any pressing question of the day. All it needs to do is call the NRA, ask how IT feels about whatever the issue is,and vote accordingly.

Now there have been, and still are, proposed pieces of legislation in many states that attempt to minimize the abilities of minorities, youth,seniors,blacks, Hispanics to vote. Increasingly we’ve seen how little each of us individual voters – whether Republican or Democratic -matter in the mind of those selected to represent us in Congress.

Mr. McConnell can certainly have his way by throwing the Voting Rights Act at the NRA as well.

The NRA is as cavalier as Mr. McConnell and his cronies. It knows of no one in the House or the Senate willing to suit up and meet at midfield. It’s not a matter of concussions. It’s a matter of guts. Actually, even that isn’t true. It’s a matter of hanging on to one’s Congessional prerogatives. What could these be?

To begin with a far from shabby salary. A neat deal on withholding taxes. A pension that seems to last forever. Healthcare that is different (and better,more inclusive) than our own. Inside information that allows the more daring to make considerable fortunes in the name of representing the “little guy.” Unquestioned travel,limousines, fact-finding vacations with entire families along for the ride, not to mention one’s best friends and fellow poker players.

We like to imagine that people enter public service to do public service. Apparently we’re wrong. People run for Congress so that the public can service them. Whether a lowly Alabama governor or Speaker of the House.

But hey,things are changing. If we are to believe Mr. McConnell (and who would not?), Congress need only gather under one roof, accept the latest bill from a committee made up of “interested parties,”and then shuttle it over to the NRA for a reading. If the NRA approves, the deal is done. If not, it sinks beneath the three inch rollers of the Potomac, never to be seen again or even remembered.

Mr. McConnell has made his job and that of his cohorts even less than a “phone in.’

And just as the NRA knows no opposition, so too does McConnell. Having just been re-elected, he’s beyond recall or impeachment. (Unlike, for example, the Republican Governor of Michigan who certainly deserves either of those treatments as much as McConnell does.)

So – where do we stand?

Mute, watching an amazingly unqualified Donald Trump make a mad dash for his nomination as Europe explodes in jihadism (ask Mr. Trump to spell that word!) Crude oil is still plummeting but not at our local. Most employers have no idea what the minimum wage is in their states. And because of the wonderfulness of the jobs performed, the EPA,the Department of Education,FEMA, and the Commerce Department are all on hit-lists of one would-be nominee or another.

Is the nation just a little testy?

You betcha!

Still, Melania Trump is gorgeous.


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