Let’s take this wonderful week chronologically, all the while hoping and praying that we’re not being too previous in our conclusions.

Sunday, the 24th, we were still being pelted with bulletins about the primary races mainly in New England. Donald Trump was bruited as a landslide winner; Hillary expected happy news. Bernie had some small hope. Ted Cruz was written off by nearly everyone.

And it came to pass. Trump creamed the opposition, and Cruz could not win one county in Pennsylvania. John Kasich under-performed. Hillary rolled up four states and Bernie miraculously snagged Rhode Island.

But wait. Something happened on that following Monday the 25th. Cruz and Kasich announced a combined Stop Trump plan, in which Kasich would not campaign in Indiana and Cruz would not muddle in New Mexico and Oregon.

On hearing these plans, we were worried. Kasich we knew would keep his word, unilaterally disarming. We suspected Cruz would slide out from under the agreement and stab Kasich in the back. We disbelieved the reality of what was being offered as a Stop Trump movement, instinctively understanding that this pact would fall apart within hours, if not minutes. It did.

Tuesday the 26th, Election Day. That night was everything the Donald had hoped for. Which would have been the story of the week but on Wednesday, the 27th, Ted Cruz decided to fight the national press with his announcement of a running mate – for what we asked?

Carly Fiorina. Now this woman is hugely intelligent and a great campaign speaker. But basically she is unnecessary. Running mates generally assume the roles of attacks dogs. Cruz didn’t need her for that…he does his own lying. Then what was the reasoning behind this move? To insulate him against a female voter backlash? He was certainly paying a very high price for Ms. Fiorina’s delegate.

Cruz, otherwise known as ”Lyin’ Ted,” in effect is paying for a hired assassin, which he doesn’t need. From her first debate performance, Carly Fiorina lied automatically, most particularly about what she swears she saw on a medical table during a harvesting of organs done by Planned Parenthood. That performance was enough, more than enough, to preclude her from serious political consideration by anyone in America.

Carly brings nothing to the table to assist HER running-mate and, if our reading of Cruz’ character is even halfway right, she’ll be dumped in a few weeks for someone stronger, better known, more establishmentarian.

Nonetheless, there she stood on Wednesday, haranguing listeners about the depths of depravity to which the nation had sunk while Ted snuck off-stage to deny that he had ever made a pact with John Kasich to Stop Trump.

Thursday, April 28th, was the high-spot in the week…so far…who knows how today will end?

Gone but not forgotten, former speaker of the House John Boehner at Stanford was interviewed during which few minutes he – we hope!- sealed the fate of Lyin’ Ted. Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Then he added that Cruz was the “most miserable son of a bitch he had ever worked with.”

Within minutes, Ted Cruz responded. Automatically lying, as is his wont. “I don’t even know the man,” he proclaimed, a statement he had to walk back, as the saying goes, within an hour and modify it to talking with Boehner only perhaps 50 times in three years.

Boehner had good reason to savage Cruz, for the latter had helped instigate and push the closure of the US government, meddled in House affairs, and generally driven Boehner to distraction with his falsehoods, arrogance and ambition.

All of this did nothing to Stop Trump. Every statement from Cruz and Fiorina managed to actually enhance Trump’s chances of winning the upcoming Indiana primary next week. And if that should happen, pundits around the country are declaring that Cruz is finished. From their lips to God’s ears.

Bernie Sanders, winner or loser, has been able to reconstitute young America’s belief in its government, in its value and effectiveness, in its future.

Between them, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have been able to destroy voters’ long held belief in one man one vote, in the value of compromise, in the stature of our nation among others. Trump seems inclined to try to learn. Ted Cruz knows everything and won’t. He’s so smart he doesn’t have to.

What’s left for Cruz is more late-night rallies where he drags out his daughters for the “Awww!” factor to combat what we have long known, ever since he was sworn in as a Senator from Texas. He really is the most miserable son of a bitch in the land today.


One thought on “REFLEXIVE LIARS

  1. You’ve accurately described Rafael Eduardo Cruz, a/k/a Lying Ted. Between him and Donald Trump, the Repubic Party has betrayed its 2013 study of the 2012 Mitt Romney election disaster by closing the Its doors rather than enlarging its tent.

    What happens now to the very real issues surfaced by Bernie? How will Hillary handle them? Inquiring minds want to know.

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