On the other hand…..


Let’s posit, for the sake of argument, that perhaps 60 percent of our Congress members ran in the first place because each thought he or she could do something to benefit the country.

Which is to say, perhaps not everyone ran for the money and perks.

Again, let’s assume these men and women really care about the country and want to see it turned in what they consider is the right direction.

Donald Trump, to them, is the wrong man for the job.  They are convinced that without background, information, knowledge and evenness of temper, Donald Trump will create havoc at home and abroad.  They see him as a pre-fascistic know-nothing, mouthing off without considering his words or whatever ideas they may contain.  And he’s incredibly lazy – having taken the time to learn nothing about foreign affairs or economics during the past year, relying on his “seat-of-the-pants” gut feelings.  Without reliable advisors or consultants, Trump depends entirely on himself and his business experiences in the place of study, learning, listening, understanding in fact the Constitution and the temper of the times in which we live.

What he does know is that the nation has come to a halt.  That Congress is immobilized and in the thrall of big money.  He sees us as being short-changed in every international effort.  He says he’s convinced that trade agreements, and nuclear ones as well, need to be stricken from the books or redrawn to our advantage.

Mr. Trump is by any reckoning, the least prepared candidate to run for the presidency in perhaps the entire history of our country.   Which hasn’t stopped millions of voters from lining up to push him towards the Oval Office.

To our legislators in D.C., as well as throughout the country, the specter of Donald as President is horrifying.

Therefore, despite his voting popularity, he must be stopped, kept miles from the workings of a great nation such as ours.

Which is why they (the good, thoughtful, standard members) cannot, or will not, rally behind him, unify the Republican Party, and go all in for it in the autumn.

We cannot think them wrong.

On a practical basis, to have Trump at the top of the Republican ticket, shakes the foundations of the entire party.   Commentators like to use the term, “down ticket,” when they discuss what might happen to office holders below the level of Senator.  (One-third of whom are up for re-election this very year.)   Some believe there is a chance, running with Donald Trump, to lose seats in the House and perhaps even to lose control of the senate.

This fantasy is unworthy of the 60 percent honest legislators who care about the nation.  In fact, to care about the USA at this time means to forget about the Republican Party in favor of the welfare of the whole country as they understand it.

To end Trump’s run, to cut short his future if that is what is at stake, means bipartisan action.  This uncovers another problem. The Democrats are thrilled that Mr. Trump is just as he is.  They imagine that the nation in the fall will come to its senses and help them defeat him overwhelmingly.  But to say so, for the Democratic Party’s sake, would be considered more than bad form: worse, criticism of Mr. Trump has, during this past year, done nothing but energize his followers and make him a more potent threat than he otherwise would be.

Mr. Trump is not only the problem of the Republican Party.  He has become a tornado that threatens to touch down in nearly every state.

Can our insurance companies cover this kind of damage?


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