O.K.  Donald isn’t kidding anymore.  What began as a “What if…” now seems to be a “When I…”

Which leads us to some frightening thoughts.  Not about whether he can become president, but what exactly is his attitude should he become president?

This is not to say he’s a sure thing.  Mrs. Clinton, for all her flaws, is competent, composed, capable.  More than any candidate in 2016 she is ready.  Better, she knows how government works.   She is thoroughly acquainted with the skeleton of government which provides her (and others) with a box in which to work.  And, we believe, she knows what fits in that box and what doesn’t.  More personally, she knows how she fits into that box, and with what ideas, talents, knowledge at her command.

For all his braggadocio, Donald Trump is empty inside.  Worse, he doesn’t know the limits of the box.  And he appears not to have any ideas about what he brings to governing in terms of understanding why the box exists, what it can be used for, what he can put into it.

Suddenly – and we can only hope this is true – Donald J. Trump has to realize that since that he appears to have been “selected” by the “people” he’s going to have to produce.  We have to hope that Mr. Trump at four a.m. in his tower is scared spitless of what may come to pass.  He will be making decisions of all kinds without backup.  There won’t be other people to blame because he doesn’t work with other people.  He hasn’t built a network of talent, experience, foresight.  In this he resembles Ted Cruz who may from time to time talk about “colleagues” when in fact he has none.

We have no doubt that Mr. Trump can and would answer the three a.m. red telephone.  But what in hell would he do next?  Whom would he call?  Would he call anyone?  Would he even understand that the question he is being asked necessitates others’ input?  He has nothing in place, ready to help him see clearly in the early mornings what he, what the country, should do.

He’s sitting on the side of his bed in silk pajamas, and he hasn’t a clue.

Mr. Trump’s personality is his box.  Everything he thinks or does is, and has been, contained within those limited parameters.   His “deals,” his” negotiations, his “winning” may affect others, but that isn’t anything with which he’s been overly concerned.  This would no longer be the case.  Everything he does if he is elected, from selecting a Trump necktie to berating an underling to winking at a passing skirt to threatening action without knowing anything about what arms he actually has to use would affect us all.

We see him sweating at dawn.  And he has our sympathy.

Like every other American, if any of this worst-case scenario comes to pass, we are going to want him to succeed.

Little could he have known, when he descended that escalator (dressed, unlike earlier nudes) that what he alone imagined could actually happen.   Nor could we.

And now that the future of our nation, and perhaps of the world, dangles from his stubby fingers, WE are scared spitless.


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