This may come as something of a shock to Washington,D.C., Republicans, but Donald J. Trump has insulted not only Latinos (or Hispanics) with his attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, but the rest of us as well.

Seeking to protect himself from legal troubles over Trump University, Trump has activated his followers to attack Curiel too, and to argue in his (the Donald’s) defense.

In addition to demonstrating once and for all his own racist attitudes and simple-mindedness, Trump is not at all interested in protecting  “the party” in the upcoming election.  It’s his own pocketbook he’s worried over, and since he cannot or will not release his personal tax returns none of us knows whether he’s in mid-bankruptcy or really and truly a billionaire.  As a matter of fact, we no longer care.

What we do care about is the art not of the deal but of slander.

We also care deeply about Trump’s assumption that anyone against him is somehow “other” and not to be trusted.

Trump has managed to make his party and himself at one and the same time beyond the pale.  For a presidential candidate, or as a candidate for any other office in our world.

Although commentators often say it, voters do not often believe this: that we are all, to one degree or another, immigrants, like Judge Curiel’s parents.  (Like Donald Trump’s mother.)

Whether we hail from Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the Far East makes no difference at all to people who have been naturalized or lived long enough in this country to start families of their own American citizens.

Trump’s attacks on people of Latin heritage (“I’m building a wall!”) insults and sickens other Republicans and Democrats, i.e., the rest of the nation.  And no, Donald, YOU are not building a wall.  Whether WE do is not yet certain.

All that’s certain and clear is that Mr. Trump – and we’d love to believe it’s only Mr. Trump – is ineligible to even pretend to understand how the United States of America is founded on law and reason and compassion.

If ever a candidate deserved to be buried in a landslide, it is Trump.

And since Republicans, while criticizing Mr. Trump’s stance on Judge Curiel, are struggling to pretend he is their choice as a nominee, when they do, they, too, lose our respect and support.

In Trump’s world, we are all Mexicans.  And we are happy to be so designated.



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