We KNOW what people say and think about Donald Trump. Whether pro or con, we’ve been listening to their chants and rants now for an entire year.  True, at first none of us realized Trump might be serious.  (Whether he really is is anyone’s guess.  Some think he’ll bow out before the convention in Cleveland.  Other optimists are convinced that the Republican machine will simply change the rule book and toss him on his ear before the first ballot is taken.)

Mr. Trump seems to think he’s campaigning against Barack Obama.  That seems to us a grave mistake.  Surely he knows about the anti-Clinton underground, those people who daily forward to us all the latest “info” on Hillary, which is mostly made up of bits and pieces of scandal, some of it perhaps true, some of it not, and most of it old news.

There is an entire industry made of Trumpistas (Trumpistos?) who flood our in-boxes with anti-Hillary Op-ed pieces.  Some of these articles come from as far away as Israel, where those who write at all write about Hillary as though she were the worst woman God ever made.  They are, of course, entitled to their opinions, but it’s important to remember that journalism in Israel is much like its counterpart here: there’s a lot of status-climbing and jockeying for position on the networks and cable channels.   Who knows? The right man or woman writing from Jerusalem may end up as Bibi’s press secretary, or even run for office on his ticket.

So, what do these daily missives say?  And how do they say it?   Question two first: How do they say it? With vivid anger, intolerant attitude, not a whit of humor, at the top of their figurative lungs, in vocabulary that would make Mr. Trump himself blush.   In effect, in the same manner that the Trumpistas reply, forward, invade our email boxes day after day.

What do they say?

First, that Hillary will be indicted over her use of her private email server and be put on trial.  Jail, of course, is the proper sentence.

Secondly, that Hillary is single-handedly responsible for the debacle in Benghazi, the deaths of four Americans, and the endless civil war in Libya.

Thirdly, that Hillary is “owned” by Wall Street.

Moving on, fourth: that Hillary wants to close Guantanamo and move the fighters there back to the USA where they would have access to our legal system.

Fifth, and nearly paramount, that she wants to institute gun controls and remove from private hands every gun manufactured since World War II.

Sixth, that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment to the US constitution.

Seventh, that she wants to do away with the monitoring of suspected terrorists’ phone calls to and from the US.

Eighth, that she wants to maintain every executive order Barak Obama has ever signed.

More, this is nine: she wants to give US constitutional rights to all enemy combatants captured during battle.

Tenth, she wants to do away with digging into money transfers between the US and suspected terrorist organizations.

Eleventh, she wants to stop torture.

Twelfth, she’s in the pocket of the ACLU.

Oddly enough, the broadsides against Ms. Clinton do not include, or least minimally include, NAFTA and the Supreme Court.

But there are plenty more scurrilous items in these wonderful emails.  For all any of us knows, some of them may be accurate.

Then again, not probably more accurate than the daily assaults from Mr. Trump.

Looking into the future, here’s what we see.  If Hillary Clinton wins in November, she’ll have four years of hell ahead of her.

Worse than that, the election of 2020 will make 2016 look like child’s play.

Mr. Obama was an easy target for racists in Congress – and around the countryside – who obstructed nearly everything the poor man ever thought might help the nation.  That obstructionism became the bedrock of Mr. Trump’s campaign.

Mrs. Clinton is hated by millions for reasons that often defy definition.

Mr. Trump is (and has been) almost laughable.  Mrs. Clinton is not.  But she’s just as big a target as the Donald, and what that purports for our nation is only ugly and mean-spirited.  That politics in general have become ugly and mean-spirited is a tragedy for us all, and for the millions of people around the world who want to maintain their grip on the golden idea of the United States of America.

Many of us millions are already here in America, and having the same difficult time holding up the flag, the Constitution, the Statue of Liberty, and the rule of law.

All this may sound self-serving, but we KNOW the value of this election, and what it may portend.  We see it every day all around us.

Lord knows most of us are trying to keep the United States together.



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