… our own Millenials.

Benny was a comedian who ruled the air waves from before World War II until his death.  He portrayed lovingly a skin-flint, a coward, a thinker.   And he was genuinely funny.

Our own, and most of America’s, favorite skit took place on a dark street corner as Benny was mugged.  “Your money or your life,” was the demand.

Benny said nothing.

“Your money or your life!” came the demand a second time.

Said Jack, “I’m thinking! I’m thinking!”

The Senate yesterday was asked, by Americans, “Your money or the nation!”

The Senate took less time to think than Jack.

Its choice?  Some kind of meaningful gun safety programs, or continued patronage by the NRA.

The vote was not even close.

At least Jack Benny pretended to think before answering.  The Senate didn’t even bother to pretend.

It seems to us that we, as ignored (once again) voters and constituents, shouldn’t bother to pretend any longer, either.  We should simply vote for men and women who promise weapon reform regardless of party label.   Men and women who are committed to our safety (85% percent of Americans favor reform in one way or another).

It is the Senators who pocket the NRA cash, not the voters.   It is the voters who are ignored and, alas, too often killed, not members of the Senate (which we do not advocate).

It is the fabric of the country which, at each terrorist intrusion, stretches thinner and thinner.

In the immortal words of millions: “Throw the bums out!”


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