“Darling Chelsea:

Hastily: your father and I are so proud of you and Mark and so thrilled.  We can’t thank you enough for keeping us tethered to real ground beneath our feet and what matters most.

Wanted to give you a heads-up re Monday’s campaigning with E. Warren in Ohio.

Of course, the Press is trumpeting that I’ve selected her as a running mate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ll explain why in a second, but wanted you to know, and to believe, that we take our help whence we can get it, and this woman is dynamic and photogenic (and thinner and younger!) and is a far better rabble-rouser than I am. It just seems to come so naturally to her.

We don’t happen to agree often on matters of finance.   We couldn’t very well be running together: she for nailing Wall Street and me benefitting from it.  Also she has no foreign policy experience and certainly nothing to do with the military, which I think I need to have on the ticket.  And if by chance she does have Indian blood, I can’t imagine that American Indians can swing this election.

Also, we are different sorts of heroes.   My crowd has been struggling for years to get ahead and finally they’re on the very verge of success with me as their leader.   I’m the shining light in a darkening sky, a lode star, a woman on whom to build your lives, careers, families.   I’m leading the way into middle-classdom for so many.   And I am not afraid…with the experiences I’ve had, the run-ins, the travel, the real-time decision making:  once I’ve made up my mind, there is (seldom) any going back, as you know.  I will admit that BS has opened my eyes just a little and broadened my vision just a little, too, and I’m grateful for that, I suppose.  But basically, even BS and I disagree on too many governmental intrusions into our lives and at too great an expense.

I believe this election is going to be closer than DT and his ego are.  And I suspect that his followers might accept me (as long as he continues to blow himself up everyday at every school crossing) as the better qualified candidate and make a choice now they cannot envision.  I believe that will come in time. But what they will not go for is TWO women leading the country.  That would make them wimps and weak, carrying around “cap” pistols and making empty threats.  It would make us perfect targets for the Donald, and Lord Knows he’s got enough to play with if only he were smarter.

There is one additional reason Elizabeth and I –while we might be the best Lewis and Clark since the originals – are not destined to run together.

I’ve worked too damned hard all my life, even without this particular prize in mind 24/7…I’ve gone through too much humiliation and pain to want to let someone like Elizabeth over-shadow me, which she would do. After all, she’s fresher than I and funnier.  We’re equally tough but the voters are used to me and not to her.   She’d be the “new” in the campaign, not me as a woman, and I just can’t have that.

I do not believe I need to have a man on the ticket to justify what I feel so strongly the country must do.  But I also know that men do.   And there are millions of guys out there I need to reach.

So ignore the punditry over the weekend.  I’ll let you and Mark know who the guy will be as soon as your father and I settle on him.

Big hugs and kisses to all the little ones….





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