No one told us that watching the maneuvering, skirmishes, and raids of the 2016 election cycle would be entertaining.  Or even that daily life in the US of A should be entertaining or fun.  But until yesterday, it was.

We could watch, read, kvetch, warn and whine alone or with our friends, those we still had.

But it wasn’t until yesterday that we finally understood the complete and total idiotic gravity of what was happening in the Republican camp as well as the Democratic bivouac.

The long and the short of our dismay is this: how astonishingly stupid are both Democratic and Republican politicians and their cadres or worker bees that fly along behind them, or even in advance of them sometimes, mucking things up.

Examples: we have statutes that regulate and plainly state that soliciting foreign countries or even foreign nationals from contributing campaign funds in federal elections is prohibited.   No nation, our own included, wants foreign influence to be seen, felt, even microscopically detected trying to sway the votes of citizens that might in some fashion benefit those foreign interests.

The Trump kids apparently were unaware of this set of restrictions, or cared for them not a whit, firing off fund-raising appeals to senators and MPs in five other countries via email asking for their financial support.   The replies were swift and simple: bug off.

Those email recipients knew as well as the Trumps should have that mixing in the internal affairs of local domestic politics was verboten.

What troubles us is not the brazenness of the Trump approach, but the fairly certain realization that they will neither be disciplined, nor fined, for paying no attention to an international norm they so easily ignored.  Who in hell do these people think they are?

Second, and far more provocative, was the unannounced drop-in by former President Bill Clinton – he who has come to be known as the premier popular politician of his time – on the traveling US attorney general, Loretta Lynch, on an airport tarmac in Arizona.

True it is that their two planes were idling on the same runway at the time, and, who knows, Clinton may have decided just to walk over to say “Hi.”   After all, he is a man few if any would refuse to see.  But his wife has a case pending before the chief legal officer of the US (Ms. Lynch) depending upon findings made by the F.B.I., and not yet disclosed.

Immediately, Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” leapt into action, and in this case, rightly.

It’s unlikely but possible that Bubba thought he could do a little lobbying for his Mrs. with Ms. Lynch, maybe even get her to agree to dismiss the investigation altogether over the private email servers used some months back in Chappaqua.

But for someone who reputedly is a wizard at down-home persuasion not to have seen, scented, or even imagined the appearance of impropriety is amazing.  For those of us who wondered what role Bubba would play in a new Clinton administration, this neighborly chat was the worst possible possible.

Then this morning we get up to see our old proto-fascist Ted Cruz front and center querying Jeh Johnson, head of Homeland Security, on a matter so picayune and mundane and unimportant as to bring to our mind the horrible picture of a Trump-Cruz ticket.  Cruz was paring down the same old nomenclature phenomenon Trump has been wearying…what to call ISIS….radical, jihadic, Islamic.  All he succeeded in doing was to remind us how he could show us his new defecatory exit.

Both parties seem intent on self-immolation.  Both deserve it.

The United States of America may not be in the best shape ever known to man, but it isn’t falling apart, either.  We’re not going to commit political suicide just because the “leaders” before us think of us as hysterical lemmings.

With Brexit having passed last week in Britain, though, there is a certain appeal in simply withdrawing from the hurly-burly and constructing our own individual little bailiwicks where we save our money, shop frugally, are on alert to terrorism.  As for voting, well maybe: for our local school boards, our local state representatives, or even our senators who are hunkered down behind concrete barriers on the Hill hoping to be unnoticed and unchallenged.

To vote for the Biggies is not yet a sure thing.



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