A Candidate Too Big to Fail, or Pie in the Sky

Among those flummoxed today are: Hillary, Donald, Mr. Comey, the Senate, the House, the press of all kinds, voters everywhere in the US.

We now face a choice in our 2016 election choices:  we choose (as our PRESIDENT) between an unqualified wheeler/ dealer who is too stupid to spend his time learning anything about government, international relations, trade, education, ISIS, taxation, etc., but who has undoubtedly skirted legalities as his fortune mounted, OR a woman who seems incapable of choosing right from wrong, who elects again and again to lie about her actions, who seems to believe that SHE is the powers-that-be and that nothing can deflect her from what she believes is hers by dint of lifetime service and imagination: she has become a candidate too big to fail.


The way we understand what’s going on in D.C. is that at any moment in the future the Attorney General of the US may decide to indict whereas the FBI has chosen not to.

Watching the side-by-side, split-screen with Mrs. Clinton on the left and Mr. Comey on the right, one defending past actions and the other dissecting those same actions in the present, viewers come to an overwhelming conclusion.  Hilary has stone-walled, fabricated, forgotten willfully.

We need to be brutally short here, insofar as none of us knows what’s coming down the pike or how soon.  If Hillary is dethroned and her poll numbers collapse even further, there is a White Knight, and even a Squire, ready to do duty for the Democratic party and the nation.

Even though we warned against his doing this, Joe Biden could step in to save Democratic chances for the White House, for the Senate, for the Supreme Court.   He might feel some reluctance, but we believe he would also feel obligated to come to the aid of his party and the US of A.

The Squire?  Elizabeth Warren.

Think about it.   Bill C. is put away for good and his good wife need no longer even think about being likeable.   Donald stands open-mouthed and frothing.

A man with a range of experience as deep as any candidate has ever had is ready to hit the ground running.

Biden/Warren are both Pied Pipers and we’d follow them happily with relief and confidence.



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