Addendum: “He’s Got a Gun!”

What we’re talking about is NOT gun restrictions or the dynamiting of the 2nd Amendment.  Or about police veracity versus victim’s.

All we wanted to focus on was the possibility that rather than killing someone who is legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon in the middle of minor/major police actions, that police departments large and small need to be retrained to be able to face confidently a possible felon WITHOUT killing him/her.

Something as simple as, if firearm use is called for, shooting an extremity rather than a chest.  A leg rather than a back.   Talking rather than shooting at all.  Finding a moment of common concern about death and transfiguration and somehow sharing it.

Which is to say, simply, there has to be a better response to fear than pulling a sidearm and shooting before one knows whether that is genuinely necessary.

We sympathize with police personnel throughout the country who today feel they have only a split second to make a decision to save their own lives.  We want those lives saved and lived.  And our own.


One thought on “Addendum: “He’s Got a Gun!”

  1. With over 300,000,000 guns, including handguns, shotguns and rifles, resting in the hands of its citizens, the U.S. has put its local constabulary in the impossible position of protecting the citizenry, including their 2nd Amendment right enunciated under the wrongly decided Heller decision, while simultaneously protecting their own lives. Where peace officers confront split second decisions of life or death, constantly clouded by an armed citizenry, guess where the constabulary will err. All the sensitivity training in the world will not eliminate this ongoing problem.

    That doesn’t excuse the Baton Rouge or St. Paul murders. But it does provide context for a national problem which will only be only be addressed when handguns are severely restricted and any weapon which can’t reasonably be used for hunting are banned.

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