Continuing from John Neufeld’s FACEBOOK page:


Of course, Mr. Trump wants Justice Ginsberg to resign or, at the very least, recuse herself from any judgments involving his administration, should there be one.

We think Justice Ginsberg would be thrilled to recuse herself just to avoid having anything to do with Mr. Trump.  Up to the moment when to give in this way to a political rogue is clearly anti-constitutional and/or dangerous.

It could also be that she is aiming across his bow, letting him know in advance that she, at least, will not swoon for false promises and fake solutions.

Because the court is the Supreme Court, for years voters have believed it to be impartial and decent, unallied to the Chamber of Commerce, Big Oil and Big Money, employers rather than workers.  In the popular imagination, “We’ll fight all the way to the Supreme Court!” has been a rallying cry for the “Little Guy,” enabling him to hope that reason and common sense are on his side.

It’s been easy to think that the demi-gods and goddesses there really are looking out for the hard-pressed, the under-employed, those whose voices are so rarely heard (let alone raised) in petition against grievance.

It’s been a nice story.

Justice Ginsberg, however, has knowingly stripped the cotton batting from the august nine to demonstrate how human they are.  As citizens – and justices – why shouldn’t they have personal  beliefs and attitudes?   They, after all, must live under the same conditions they legislate for us.

Think of the Roberts Court on gun-control in D.C., on Big Money in politics, on numberless discrimination suits brought by “Little Guys” whose pleas have been ignored in favor of making their climb to justice even harder by putting the onus of proof on them rather than on their employers.

With Scalia alive, Justice Ginsberg found herself writing full-bore dissents from 5-4 decisions.

But clearly she has had enough of posturing and principles that fade overnight, or are re-negotiated within a year or two to aid one political clan or another.   To travel to New Zealand with her late husband was, for a time, ideally imagined.  But she knows she’s trapped here and therefore is determined to make the country as honest and reasonable as possible.

This is a woman who does not forget.  Nor does she run from conflict.  The nation needs to hear more from Justice Ginsberg, not less.  And more often, not less.   She is, after all, just one American woman with 20/20 eyesight who has the guts to point out that the emperor really doesn’t have anything on, and may never have had.


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