Watching last night’s first session of the RNC we were truly bamboozled by the thinking of its attendees.

More than to just a grieving mother, to the entire populace within the convention center there is only one person responsible for everything that is wrong in our country today.   We’ll spare our readers her name.

Does no Republican committeeman or woman, no Republican congress person, no Republican “base” member not realize the idiocy of this claim?

Clearly, none of the above can see the parallel universe they are screaming for – the STRONG MAN who does, says, runs everything, and who, ultimately, would be responsible for everything else that goes wrong from now until doomsday.  Is this what they truly want?   (We are also sparing readers the technical term for this kind of strongman, but it begins with the letter “f”.)

It is worth pointing out, should any of Them be able to listen, that She – admittedly a seemingly constant presence in government – was for eight long years a sort of desert rat.  True, she was in Congress. Also true, however, was that her portfolio under junior Bush was non-existent, but for the recurring urge to run for office.

Watching the convention, we also began to wonder whether He is capable of poisoning the thinking, and reasoning, of anyone who gets too close to Him.  Mr. Giuliani’s screamed remarks were so over the top that we worried he might stroke out before our very eyes.  We have to wait to see and hear whether Mr. Pence also has been offered the poisoned apple.

And what about His complete and utter confidence in the stupidity of the millions watching television?  Did He and his counselors and “speech writers” (in quotes because we cannot believe they exist) really think no one would notice the “similarities” between Ms. Obama’s addressing Democrats and Mrs. T’s doing the same to Republicans?

In the hall, at that moment, few listeners probably did think back to the earlier address.   Most people listened holding their breath, deeply sympathetic to Mrs. T to whom English is not a native language but who soldiered on determinedly and good-naturedly.   (We admit to remembering the lustful James Earl Carter while watching.)

The Republican convention of four years ago did something no other Republican convention in our memory accomplished: it entertained.   Republicans seem not well known for their humor or style – we take that back…both are plastic wrapped in the fifties.   Putting Clint to one side, the 2012 convention moved with speed and color and purpose.   We were amazed to find ourselves so full of admiration for its sea-change that we actually looked forward to each evening’s performance.

Of course, times were different then.   If “mistakes” were made, the responsibility for them was rather more shared than not.   Language was moderately polite and restraint was in evidence.  He has shoved back the waters of the Nile and there is a straight, and easy, path towards damnation for many of us.

This is also the first convention we’ve technologically attended where a “spin” room was entirely unnecessary.  The convention itself began with spin – “Of course we’re united” – and the speed of His dervishes only increased throughout the night until the early hours of today.

Meanwhile, She is gamely pressing on with her campaign, no matter the visceral disdain, dislike, and downright hatred of Them at her heels.   Perhaps She hoped to step on His party, cause voters to pause at least for a few seconds to consider another outcome.

But the one thing He is really good at – besides promising whiffle-ball changes – is getting the press to focus on Him.  He is unrivaled in that arena.   For the same reason She cannot afford to put EW on the ticket (thankfully), He is unwilling to allow even a pinprick of a pocket flashlight to land elsewhere but on himself.

He has become no smarter, nor thoughtful, nor diplomatic.

She is still only “fairly likeable.”

What’s changed is the willingness and numbers of His followers to go to war for Him and his increasingly wild ideas.

These unhappy but we believe still sane voters will not wake from their self-induced hypnosis until “On day one” He breaks whatever his first promise is.

Of course, we “others” have a chance to keep Him from that moment of stark nakedness and shame.

There are two emperors roaming the streets.  Him, and the other one.  Neither is wearing clothes.


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