Why we love what we do.

Having heard the opening salvo on Mornin’ Joe — “why doesn’t the RNC tell DT to withdraw?” asked Mika, whining – the day grins at us as the fog lifts.  Oh boy, here we go again!

The Round Table seems to agree that this isn’t likely to happen and, besides, if it did, who would the RNC get to run in Donald’s place?  Isn’t this approaching pitchfork and tar time?

Well, that’s all entertaining to think about, and we allow ourselves a few moments to fantasize, coming up with no solid scenario that would make both the Republicans, and Donald, happy. Donald has already begun to lay the groundwork for his explanation about why he didn’t win.  The whole election is rigged.  Well, if that’s the case, then of course you’re not to blame, Donald.  THEY are.

A lot of what we hear as we motor around town – doing chores, recording, picking up the papers to read at lunch time – is off the wall.  What people were afraid of discussing with friends and families now is a must activity: trying to parse the Donald and figure out what the hell he’s doing.   You’ve heard all of it, including that he never really wanted to run and win, just show he could if he wanted.

When what to our wondering ears should alight is (to us, at least) a new conspiracy theory.   Donald’s implosions are part of a nefarious Bill ClInton plan to make sure Hillary walks away with the presidency, trounces Trump, and goes into the history books.

Now, it’s important to state that commentators and pundits countrywide – apart from their strings tied into one clique or another which may give them a little extra insight as to probability –  know no more than we do, or you.   All most of us can do is stare in shock from the sidelines and try to imagine  reasonable answers for the thousand questions that each day erupt around the Donald.

So we offer this latest conspiracy as no more likely, no less likely, than any other we’ve all heard for a year.

Bill and Donald go ’way back.  More than golfing bros, Donald has sent not inconsiderable sums for Hillary’s various campaigns and probably to the Clinton Foundation, as well.  As Trump himself has noted, who knows better than he how rigged life is?  Bill and Donald are friends.   And under that guise, Bill has undoubtedly felt free from time to time to advise his old pal.  Why don’t YOU run, Donald?

Donald is vain enough, as we know, to admit this sounds like fun.  Further, it sounds like something he can do without ever working at it. People love him.

Bill agrees easily.  What he doesn’t mention to his pal is that he and Hillary and their staff have decided that the easiest politician in America for Hillary to beat for the world’s most powerful job is also the nation’s ditsiest.

Donald, naturally enough, is captured instantly by the image of himself as King.   Naturally, he is encouraged in his fantasy by the former president.

All it requires on the Clintons’ part is making sure that Donald gets in and stays in.  They know he himself will do the rest.

And he does.

Now, if any part of this fable turns out to be true, you heard it here first.  If it doesn’t, chalk it up as one more conspiracy theory promulgated by the Republicans to wipe all traces of Hillary from their memories.

See why we love all this, distressing and maddening as it may be?



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