Finally, this very a.m. on “Mornin’ Joe,” we heard what has been in the back of our minds for months.

John McCain’s former campaign manager explained, simply and directly, that with Mr.Trump’s denigration of nearly every American institution, including our electoral system (“It’s all rigged!”) that there was only one dependable, trustworthy, respected source of authority left in the nation, the US armed forces.

The stench of corruption hangs over Washington, and both political parties.   Voters who have incomes below $100,000 feel aggrieved and down-trodden, disappointed and ANGRY.   There are no “good” men or women for whom to vote.  We are voting this year against, not for.  The election polls (spurious, no doubt, but there we are) tell us the contest is too close to call.   And we know from our own conversations with Trumpistas that nothing Trump says is to be doubted, or even considered believable, anymore.  What he says doesn’t matter because the system, the election, the country is rigged.  If he loses, he declaims, it will only be because the other side has cheated.

By undermining America’s claim to democracy, Trump is destroying it.   And in the process, naturally, he destroys whatever faith voters of all colors have had in the values of this nation.   The very reason we have, and have had for more than two hundred years, immigration problems – that life does seem better on this side of the fence – is gradually being erased as Trump trumpets crime, disease, violence, poverty, hopelessness – except for his Wonderfulness.

Imagine how much worse things would be without Donald.

To be sure, not everything is Donald’s fault.   But nearly everything that plagues the country today is playing into his hands.   Attacks on local police forces, and the natural follow-up – the resignation of police department chiefs – certainly does.  The growing number of people in poverty with their self-denigrating bitterness.   The ability of much of the one percent to stay detached.   The growing re-segregation of our educational system.  The pockets of the population who are not yet, and may never, feel the benefits of recovery from the Great Recession.  Even the weather, and the disasters that are swirling in it.

Now add the clear diminution of America’s influence internationally – see yesterday’s brou-ha-ha about Obama getting off a plane in China – and the meddling from Central Europe in our election process.  The continuation of wars we shouldn’t be fighting, not to mention the lack of progress or victories in them.   Our increasing trade deficits.  Cyber-warfare.  The very popular –in his bailiwick – new Philippine president who is as good as Donald in insulting others.   The millions of refugees circling the globe, not only from the MidEast but from the Pacific as well (see Australia).

Back on our own shores, Citizens United. A Congress that cannot, will not make decisions that lead the country to health or indeed progress in any other category.   The number of tin-pot politicians “getting theirs” –whether it’s only the fifteen minutes of fame they feel entitled to, or more debilitating, the sludge they manage to dredge from their constituents for pretending to do their jobs.  Then, on retirement, their deals with radio, cable and network television, books of all kinds (rarely written by the actors themselves), the flaunting of Federal legislation that prohibits newly released Members of Congress from lobbying their former colleagues.

The sheer mountains of cash made by “former” Ambassadors, Senators, House Members, even our candidates.  Not to mention the renegade ministers of all faiths who see silver in the clouds above.

We live in a country on the take, for which no one apologizes.

If, as predicated on “Mornin’ Joe,” the only source of stability in the country today IS the Armed Forces, we are fast on our way to becoming what Egypt was before The Spring.


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