The entire media is screaming at her to be more personable, pleasant, down-to-earth.  To dredge her memory for amusing, moving, key recollections to share with voters who need and want a humanity at the top of the power structure.

We think it’s not that she can’t understand, it’s that she won’t.   And that this dooms her bid for the Big Office.

Yesterday, on her return to the campaign, the press was given a brief chance to question her.  The scene was unclear… i.e., we couldn’t tell whether this was before or after the speech she gave.

The first question, from Andrea Mitchell, was brief and to the point:  when did she share her pneumonia diagnosis with her v.p. nominee?

The answer would have been only moderately revelatory, but it would have shown concern for Tim, an ability to share with someone besides her own family, a thoughtful and progressive moment in her own life.

But no.

What in effect she replied was that she certainly wasn’t going to discuss in detail what she and Tim talked about, or for how long, or anything else in an immediately humanly recognizable form.  But yes, she had told him, she thought, perhaps on Sunday (forty-eight hours after her collapse at the World Trade Center.)

Being defensive is one thing.  Beings suspicious is also O.K., as far as we are concerned. She’s been badly mauled by the press over the years.  But being stupid is not.

She had the ear and sympathy of the world waiting at her feet.

She blew them both.


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