SIDE EFFECTS Is a small one-man shop.  We haven’t stringers or researchers or backup.   Which is why, although we hate like the Dickens to do this we need to plump ourselves up for hitting on something that now, weeks later, has become an emergency situation.

Yes, we know, this makes us positively Trumpian.

On August 6th we wrote and posted.

“We don’t want to flog a dead horse, but we’re haunted by Paul Krugman’s column two weeks ago.

“After the Donald so very graciously endorsed Ryan, McCain, and Ayotte, he HAD to take that one extra step into the kind of confusion Krugman was investigating.  ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Russians and us….?’   ‘Wouldn’t peace with the Russians be beautiful?’

“The appropriate answer to that would probably be, “Sure, if it’s something THEY wanted.”

“As it is, we’re haunted by Trump Junior’s admission of how important Russia and Russian oligarchical money has been over the years to Trump Enterprises.

“The question: is Donald still doing business with them while running for office? And is this permissible?

“More, is Donald’s business interfering with our electoral process?

“Put another way: is Donald’s personal business welfare now driving US foreign policy?

“Just asking.”

Bloomberg/Newsweek has just published a preliminary investigative report about all of the above, preliminary because without Trump‘s tax return (which we assume to be honest) we can’t know more than it allows us.  Suddenly every MSNBC, FOX, Bloomberg outlet is hot on the trail.   We like to think we blazed it.

A sidebar for the week, and a worrying one.

Recent polls are showing that African-Americans are turning away entirely from the voting process, not only from Mrs. Clinton but from all candidates.

After this summer they have our entire sympathy.  And yet, and yet….

Looking at the choice before them, African-Americans understand without even turning it over in their minds that nothing good is going to come from this election for them.

  • We have on one side a racist. small-minded, loud braying candidate signaling to his cohorts that blacks are to be treated as unequal, as they were in the “good old days.”
  • On the other side, a candidate who moves at a snail’s pace, hesitant to switch courses or make a resoundingly positive move towards final equality.

Which is to say, no change, no gain.  Nothing but more prejudice and death and ill-treatment.  Nothing in effect seems to have changed since the Civil War.

Totally understandable.  And yet, and yet….

Without grabbing tightly onto whatever tools we have left in our arsenal to bring racial harmony to the nation, change cannot be imagined, let alone begun.

African-Americans cannot afford to ignore the election before us.  It is, finally, their only hope.

And ours.


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