Yesterday’s post seemed to advocate voting for neither Trump nor Clinton (and certainly not Johnson).

From Jeb Bush to your local newspaper or television editorial board, however, it has been made clear that not voting at all is a vote for Trump.

That is not what we intend.   No greater disaster could befall us.

What we propose does not make us happy, either.  It makes us happier, but not happy.

Regardless of her “flaws,” Hillary Clinton is in fact prepared to lead the country.    Mitch McConnell and friends are planning for Mrs. Clinton the same welcome they gave to Barack Obama.   Intolerable though that may be, it’s what we have facing us now.

How can we avoid that?

It won’t be easy because it entails exercising a kind of nearly religious forgiveness towards Mitch and his gang.   What they deserve is our anger, contempt, and our outrage.

The past six years have seen government in this country at a standstill.   This is no longer news.  Nor would another four years of the same kind of behavior.

For the past sixteen months we have been held hostage by men and women who care not a whit for the progress and health of the United States.  They care only for the continuation of their party over another party.   We no longer even know what it is one wants rather than the other.  We have been hornswoggled again and again into believing that a Republican agenda (some will read “conservative”) exists.   It exists in the same way it exists in South Sudan. What is the South’s goal?  Control of sand and oil.

Nothing, please note, about health, education, economic welfare, growth, climate change, peace.

The Republicans are also not interested in that short list of worthy goals.

Mr. Trump – for all his brilliance at public relations – has assaulted us, insulted us, made us less than shareholders in his quest.  He has wasted our time and that of the world.   Rather than institutionalize him, we now discover that he is imprisoned in his own mind.  Because of his putative fortune, he has cellmates.

Happily, the rest of us are still outside his “sphere of influence.”

And a vote for Mrs. Clinton keeps us free.

It is worth noting that Mrs. Clinton, although loathe to do so, can change her mind…c.f., Bernie Sanders’ educational roadmap.   Further, although this may take some bludgeoning, Mrs. Clinton can- in an emergency – recognize others’ ideas as possible, even worthy.

“Trustworthy” on a scale of one to ten?  Never mind.  More trustworthy and adult and experienced than her opposition.    In short, the better candidate.

Yesterday’s screed against the Republican Senate stands.  Find those legislators with an “R” attached to their names, and vote for their opponents.

On paper, anyway, whether it’s Trump or Clinton, with a Republican Senate the nation loses.   An entirely Republican administration brings George III back.  A Republican Senate opposite Mrs. Clinton gives us four years more of blame and lies, obstruction and conspiracy.

The future isn’t rosy.  But at least it’s there.


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