We, the voters of the United States of America, who are expected to vote for and support a new administration in Washington on November 8, 2016, are being screwed.

Let us count the ways:

Both nominees for the office of president are deeply flawed (which is a nice way of saying they’re both trouble.)

There are twenty-four Senate Republican seats at stake.   Republicans for the past six years have made progress and growth impossible by saying “No” to everything the current administration has proposed.  Which is to say, gridlock is now common, standard, and to be expected from another Republican-dominated Senate should the Democrats come up with a winning presidential personality.

All 435 seats in the House are also up for grabs.   The House appears to be as divided and troubled as the Senate, as the entire country is.   Our currently incumbent representatives seem to believe that, but for an appearance on our doorsteps every two years, they can ignore the people who put them in Congress to begin with.   So they do.

There are two choices (major ones) for president and two choices more (minor).   Not only is this insufficient given our current cast of characters, but the public knows this.

Both major candidates are poisonous.    One is a joke, who began his campaign as a joke and was surprised to find himself being taken seriously.  He himself thinks so little of the public that he has never troubled to learn anything about his nation, its foreign policy, its history, its system of law and order, economics (despite the pie-in-the-sky claims he makes for being better at deal-making than anyone in the world), its role and importance in the eyes of other nations and peoples.    The other is a long-time civil servant who married an ambitious and definitely shady guy and who, as the saying goes, woke up with fleas.   She seems not to have known that fleas can jump from ankle to knee.   Which explains how her husband infected so many otherwise healthy people.

It appears to the real worriers among us that, having barely survived a Supreme Court intrusion into our electoral system in 2000, we are faced with that possibility now.  Again.  Or with endless Congressional sniping, investigating, and grand-standing.  Which again leads to gridlock with which we are so familiar.

It now appears that both major candidates may be impeached on their inaugural days: one for tax fraud, the other for “carelessness.”

Neither candidate has troubled to outline a plan for ending Islamic slaughter in the Middle East and around the world.

Neither candidate has announced reasonable changes and fixes to the Affordable Care Act, with which both parties profess intense dissatisfaction.

Neither candidate has made the environment and climate change topics of genuine concern although one has made some rumbling sounds.

Neither candidate has come up with a viable plan to pay for an increase in national security of all kinds.  Both want to get tough, one through raising taxes, the other via tax cuts.  You figure it out.

Both major candidates have websites that do outline platform and plans.  Americans, heavily computerized, seem not to have enough time or interest to visit and read about them.

One candidate believes he should be crowned King.  The other believes he should be crowned, period.

One candidate ducks and covers, the other boldly and endlessly dares unnecessary shame.

One candidate is being investigated by the State of New York for fraudulent procedures in raising money for a foundation.   The other candidate is being re-investigated by the Federal Government for slip-shod entwinement between a foundation and the Department of State and the flea-bearing house pet.

The rest of us are supposed to take each damaged facet of our national diamond into consideration as we choose which candidate we want to lead us into an uncertain future.



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