….you know the rest of that:  “is a good offense.”   And vice versa.

There’s not a lot of time left on the clock, and the playing field isn’t growing, either.

There’s no point in agonizing any longer over how we got what we got.  We did.  The fault is ours.   “Us” includes the press.   But we all allowed the press to play by its own rules…ratings, advertising dough, news cycles.  We assumed, as did the press, that the Donald would fade away soon, that he wasn’t serious, was so cheap that he’d probably drop out of the race after winning it.  (Of course, he couldn’t win it.)

There are a huge number of attacks the Democrats have not (yet) used.   Some of them have been brushed quickly in passing, but not concentratedly.  Just one example: what happened to the winning “angle” of 2012, that Romney cost hard-working men and women their jobs when he bought companies, broke them apart, or off-shored them?   In 2012, the faces of then jobless workers were lined, angry, quavering with disdain for their former boss.   In 2016, what boss in America deserves more disdain than the Donald?

Another example:  how can a privileged, willfully untutored, appallingly inner-directed man like Trump – who has served not one day in the US Armed Forces but has the balls to criticize our Army which has worked every day since 9/11 defending the nation he, Trump, wants to send into international conflicts, ignoring the Geneva Conventions – reflexively call out our leaders of defense as unknowing louts who cannot, have not, will not bring ISIS to its knees?   Forget about all the money Trump says he has donated to veterans’ causes (find it if you can).   What about Trump’s “secret” plan for extinguishing ISIS?   The New Yorker likes to compare Donald with Nixon.  Nixon had a “secret plan,” too, which was so secret it was nonexistent.

And what of the Congressional trifecta of Ryan, McCain, Cruz, swearing never to hold hearings on any Supreme Court nominee Mrs. Clinton makes?    If controlling that court and this nation during the next thirty years by using that court matters, why does Mrs. Clinton (although not her running mate) make so little of this threat?  Perhaps because there are so many red flags flapping in our faces when we consider our future under Trump it’s just too challenging to select one issue for extended attack as opposed to selecting another.    Lord knows, Trump as a candidate is so weak in terms of experience and ideas that his triumph over his competition in effect was a gift to Democrats throughout the country.  Or should have been.  Or should be.

And would have been but for the times in which we live.

Hillary has the money to take this man down.  Why use it to talk about her love of children?   That moves not one vote in her direction.   People are frustrated and angry and isolated.  We’re not worried just now about Hillary’s grandchildren.

Her honesty, yes.  Her secrecy, yes.  Her husband, yes.  Their Foundation, yes.

Why isn’t Hillary worrying publicly more about Trump’s connections to Russia?

It’s not as though these topics do not exist in the Democratic commercial deck.   It would appear to us that Mrs. Clinton et al have slipped from “high” to “low,” despite Mrs. Obama’s advice.   And if this is true, why not let the hounds of hell loose?   Why not a fusillade of thirty second spots about the real dangers of a Conservative court?    Or about the lack of equal pay for equal work in Donald’s platform, and its sidekick, the basic minimum wage?  Money talks, after all, and so does its dearth.

In short of it (hah!), if Hillary wants to play with the Big Boys, then let her.  Encourage her.  There’s time, still, to put the fear of God into Donald – and Ivanka, Eric, and Junior.

We’re not making excuses for Hillary’s mistakes with servers.  But why haven’t we seen spots featuring Colin Powell?   One recognizable face the nation respects is better than 50 unnamed and unidentified military brass.

Why can’t Hillary attack Citizens United the way Bernie Sanders did?

Do we sound desperate?

Truth be told, we are, just a little.  And so is fifty percent of the country.

But we don’t want to slide into chaos and stupidity without really loading the big guns and firing.

If Hillary loses, chalk it up to our national malaise and despair, to our sense of being forgotten and ignored by nearly all our “representatives.”

But for heaven’s sakes,  with five days to go, pull out the stops and go ballistically combative.    This is no time to imagine having regrets.


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