Tomorrow we’ll have some fun.  Today there are a few loose ends to be tied.

We’ve not seen this in the press, or heard it among our friends. But it’s our contention that James Comey, soon (we hope) to be “late of the FBI,” will resign. If not today or tomorrow, then Wednesday at the latest.

Apart from dynamiting Hillary Clinton’s last two weeks of her campaign, not to mention the months that came before, starting in mid-summer, Mr.Comey has put the once honored and respected Federal Bureau of Investigation back into J. Edgar Hoover’s closet.

This is no mean feat.   Since Hoover’s death, the Bureau has had to dig itself out of its sewer-like trenches year by year to achieve trust and admiration from the American people. Before Mr. Comey’s letters (One and Two), the Bureau was regarded with gratitude and something like awe for keeping the country safe from terrorism (along with other national security groups).   It had come to the fore in Boston, in Miami, in New York.  And in Paris.

Ignoring custom which worked hard to keep the Bureau from being politicized, and the advice of departmental historians and Federal agents and attorneys, Mr. Comey fell prey to the narcissism of the 2016 election battle and did more than place himself in the front rank of unreliable characters.  He o’erleapt both candidates and current office holders to dominate the front pages of tabloids and serious journals alike.

The loose end we face is why?   We sincerely doubt that Comey had partisan skull-duggery in mind during the summer when he back-handedly brought Hillary out from the undergrowth of whispers, conspiracies, and Congressional investigations to announce his operation could not find adequate evidence to either charge or indict.   (Staggering thought:  perhaps he imagined his imprimatur would help Mrs. Clinton!)

We also find it difficult to imagine Mr. Comey as a candidate in the future for a Federally elected or appointive office.

We’re left with the same explanation for astonishing behavior and speech as that, to our surprise and shame, we have to accept from Mr. Trump.   Ego.  The urge to prove to one and all how important and strong he is, and how he alone can untangle a Gordian political knot.  (Side-bar: this morning we heard a commentator opine that he wasn’t at all sure the country wanted to unify after the election.   What the hell is happening to people?)

Other loose ends?

Keep your ears clear when listening to Kellyanne Conway, a woman whose wit and intelligence we admire, if not her choice of client.   Her appearances on tens of local and national talk shows hint at dire events to come but her speech pattern is so quick and unstoppable that we haven’t been able to parse what she’s saying or what exactly she means.  But this is a woman who knows, and we should all be alerted to trouble to come.

One other little piece of what’s coming later today: the Trump kids.   Lauded for being sensible and sensitive despite their upbringing (some even believe because of their upbringing, which would be a feather in the cap of Ivana Trump, not Donald), there is just enough of Donald in them to make us edgy.

Ivanka has staked out the reasonable (and beautiful, no doubt) role of spokeswoman for the Millenials, for younger people still scrabbling up career ladders and into either the Big Time or gated suburbia.   She seems clued to racial division, although not so engaged that she’s willing to contradict anything her father may have implied in his campaign.

Eric struggles a bit, caught between what he hopes for and what he knows.

Junior is a chip off the block, willing to embellish (lie) at any moment if what he’s saying has the slightest chance of being believed.   As Donald boasts of economic success in the world of hospitality, Junior (who knows differently) not only seconds inaccurate figures but increases them and thereby the infallibility  of his father’s leadership.

All of which it to stay keep plenty of salt on hand as you watch and listen to them.

Which is good advice for attending to Bill Clinton this evening, too.   Acquainted with the ways and means of self-inflation, should Hillary win, what he deserves more than anything is relegation to a consulate in the Republic of Panama.

In fact, Comey, Trump, and Bill Clinton – along with a dozen Senators we can think of – should have bestowed on them by us – remember we’re the voters here; we’re the power – individual leather cases in which snuggle their own personalized shades, dark glasses that mirror the world but do not admit or allow for involvement in it.

Ain’t we had fun?


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