Thursday afternoon, while on the treadmill, I watched FOX daytime.   What I heard (from commentators I do not know) was that Senator (D-NY) Charles Schumer had better watch his step or our new president-elect will crush him. Hadn’t the same fate befallen Jeb, and Ted, and Carly?

This warning was part of a discussion, naturally, of Obamacare.

Earlier in the week, Mr. Trump had tweeted that since Chicago could not get its act together – another 40/50 people killed in its streets last weekend – the mayor should be forced to call in the National Guard.

Following the transition team’s “request” of the EPA for names, dates, addresses of employees at that agency who had dared to attend meetings having to do with climate change, what are we learning about the incoming squad of well-healed goons who operate under the rubric of “Republicans”?

  1. People who disagree with our new “commander-in-chief” had better watch their steps.
  2. Calling in the National Guard in Chicago would give the Feds sway over that city and its inhabitants. Perhaps a few weeks under partial martial law would make a difference?  (And if this works in Chicago, why not every other troubled enclave?)
  3. Thankfully, top execs at the EPA refused to cooperate with this request, seeing in it (as many of us did) the prelude to a purge.

Aside from the above, what we have learned is that the Trump administration, if there is to be one, is really a campaign all over again.  Which is to say, Trump is going to campaign from now until the end of 2024 (and probably beyond if he gets his way, as he seems so often to do).   Add to all this the seeming strong-arming of Ford, Carrier, GM, and Boeing – whether or not Trump actually had suasion in “dealing” out loud with these companies.   The big ball of wax would indicate that, as we’ve long suspected, Trump is no dummy and that what he really wants is to be seen and responded to as King.  And what better way to maintain a royal position than fear?

Since the Republican Congress is sitting on its hands and nodding happily at whatever the Donald does, he’s likely to get what he wants.

We are not shouting.   But we don’t believe this is going to be good for the United States of America.

If the president-elect is willing to grant Congress free rein (with just a little guidance from himself, the King), and Congress is willing to grant Trump free rein (with almost no dissention in its ranks), We the People are Nowhere.

Not that part of Trump’s plan was to put us somewhere on a meaningful graph of thoughtful supporters.  As he’s already told us, he doesn’t need us anymore.  And he doesn’t.  He doesn’t need poor white men, or poor black ones either, or even poor Hispanics.  What he wants is to be surrounded by, and only by, men whose net worth compares to his own – real or imagined.  If he didn’t actually need Mike Pence to caress Congress into subservience, Pence himself would never have made the inner circle.

Leaving the soon-to-be-nefarious president-elect to his own devices for a few seconds, what defense are the Democrats offering against this tall, good-looking Richard III?

Basically, none.   The afore-mentioned Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are familiar to voters of all stripes, and disliked by fully half.   There is, in fact, no leader of the Democratic party at this time, no one whose rhetoric, ideas, experiences give voters confidence and hope.   (Apart from Joe Biden, and as each day passes, Joe gets older.)

Of course, this too may be part of a plan.   The only problem here is time. Giving the “new administration” time to disillusion its supporters – whether six months or four years – is a dangerous game when we live in a world without facts, truth, and honesty.  However much time it takes for the American public to understand it’s been had once again may just be enough time to alter perhaps forever the pride we ALL take in the United States of America, its history and its pre-eminent status in the greater world.

It’s not good enough for libertarians to say that Trump should be nowhere near the Oval Office until he’s sworn in, that everything he’s doing and has done is to cut down Obama and minimize that President’s achievements, that to unite the country is not something the new president-elect seems anxious to begin, not to mention devaluing the work of his intelligence community because “he knows things.”

We don’t know what he knows.  We don’t know what his financial cobwebs contain.  We don’t know whether he is, in fact, a man who thinks he can do something beneficial for us all, or whether he’s interested only in benefitting himself and his family.

It’s too late to ask this question, but how could America’s voters elect such a blank slate?  True enough, millions feel their voices are unheard, their concerns are not being met.  And that’s true.  And with the Congress ready to repeal the ACA on the come – i.e., they’ll think of something – when it has had seven years to do so – we have to look inwards and admit that Donald Trump has outplayed and outplanned us all.

And this is all before that oath – broken even as he raises his hand – is taken….


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