That seems to be what we have before us.

We have entered a house of mirrors, of recently identified “alternate facts.”   Dubbed, incidentally, by Chuck Todd in mid-stream conversation with its wordsmith, Kellyann Conway, as “falsehoods.”  Period.  Good for him.  Good for us.

Because what we are beginning to understand is that the Trump administration has adopted a scheme whereby he wins, he wins.  Naturally, we lose.

The plan is miraculously simple.   Trump himself is to blame for nothing.   Every off-the-wall promise or threat, success or failure is dependent on someone else, on some other power, some purposeful evil.

Those who are blameworthy will come in time to include:  Congress (whimps); Benjamin Netanyahu (deeply uncooperative with his closest friends, including Jared Kushner); naturally The Press (no additional soubriquet required); The FBI (not trustworthy since the summer of 2016 no matter what anyone says); Vladimir Putin (a medieval blaggard); the president and prime ministers of Mexico, Great Britain, the Philippines, China;  ALL members of NATO.  Why stop? The tight-fisted, anti-American United Nations, weak-kneed, churlish/wasteful, who understand nothing – NOTHING – of the greatness of Donald J. Trump.

“On a more personal note,” his realtor colleagues around the world.  And, of course, the men and women of his cabinet who have yet to grasp what the BOSS wants them to do.  Eventually, unless this is a step too far for even Trump, Melania and Barron who will perhaps be saved from savaging because they know too much.  We can’t promise the same safety for his other children.

What matters to Trump is that he be seen as the savior, the single hero who knew it all before,  knows and recognizes his enemies now,  and is entirely fearless is engaging them

This after just a few days after being sworn in, a period of time prior to which we had held off, hoping and waiting, willing (in many ways though perhaps not all) to “give him a chance.”

Trump has squandered his chance. Singular.  We doubt there will be more patience at home or abroad.

The new Trump dicta is dedicated entirely to telling all who will listen how miserable an entity the US of A is.  This lowers expectations, of course, while raising one’s hopes for the Donald to do something miraculous about it.  “As only I can.”

His catalogue of American errors and terrors regaled to us all in his Inaugural address is clearly a Trump team effort to bring the nation to the same level as its new leader.   Even better, he will seek to calumnize  his “allies” stances and abilities.   If only they had someone like him…

None of the above is written in anger.   Disappointment, yes.  An awareness of our own responsibilities for letting ourselves be seduced by a tin-horn Casanova of the skies, zapping from one rally to another  (“working very hard”).   And the rallies will not cease.  Compared to actually governing and planning and responding to public needs, rallying is child’s play.  Donald is good at this.

We know now that no one in Trump’s world is ever going to measure up to his expectations.  People and ideas on which he may have banked are going to let him down.  This will make him angry. He will complain, constantly.  Tweeting never dies, and it’s a whole lot easier than speaking in full sentences with the help of good speech writers and editors.  Believe us.

This does not mean we are plummeting to the bottom of the ocean.  (Suddenly an old memory from   college days bobs up: “lower than whale shit.”)

One could not have watched the weekend’s marches and rallies of a more positive, but equally negative, humor without hope.   Some people were angry that what was supposed to be a moment for women’s rights had broadened to an anti-Trump event.  That would not include us.  We took the event as a face-off, of millions of women (and men) belatedly it is true but definitely engaged in saying to the new administration, “Alternate facts, nuts!  We’re watching. And we will be watching.”  It was a moment of challenge for Trump, one he will be unwise to ignore.

Most of us, despite the evidence, are determined to hope. For the country.


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