was just one possible headline today.  Crash would be another; smash a third.   We’re approaching a month of Trumpism, and almost nothing looks, sounds, or feels as though any reasonable education is taking place, nor any reasonable improvement in any aspect of our daily lives. That’s a lot to ask, but a lot was promised.

Some might argue that the lack of sensible progress, or even the placing of solid building blocks in advance of progress, is not the fault of the administration.  After all, the courts have mucked up Donald’s plans, the Democrats have tried (unsuccessfully), his cabinet is not yet fully in place – N.B., the winner of this month’s “Adoring Nancy Reagan Look” is Jeff Sessions who knows he’s the luckiest little boy in all of Alabama.

Apart from the judges on the ninth Circuit Court having to instruct Mr. Trump in some of the basics of government and democracy, Mrs. DeVos needs tutoring,  Mr. Price needs untangling, Mr. Tillerson has a lot of additional explanation to provide.  And we haven’t even heard from Ben Carson – who must have gotten smarter; Mr. Pruitt is dancing on tiptoes; Steven Mnuchin is still looking for that extra hundred million dollars he failed to report.

In place of important information we are not receiving (tax records, anyone?), we get Nordstrom bashing and Conway counseled.   Inflammatory rather than soothing Tweets emanate nearly hourly from on High, threatening, criticizing, in effect guaranteeing that our divided nation remains that way.  We learn that Steve Bannon clearly knows how to conquer.

Great Britain wants to make the Donald persona non grata, while right-wing politicians the world over are using Donald’s example as an excuse to drift even further towards fascism.

Yemen says no more unmanned drone activity.

And the very words of the Donald’s first (and we hope only) Supreme Court judicial nominee are denied by Donald himself as being quoted out of context.

Here we have a really strange occurrence:  Gorsuch’s public opining about the morale and independence of the Judicial Branch of our government – which conceivably could have done his “vetting” a whole lot of good before the Senate – has been sea-changed by Chuck Schumer into a ruse.  The Democrats should have kept their DNC powder dry.

Finally, RUSSIA – after we get through another set-to on John McCain.   Republicans seem intent on ignoring any connection between the Trump(s) and Mr. Putin, or even between Donald and the so-called Russian Mafia who may, or may not, have held a lot of paper for Donald in order to save him from another bout of public bankruptcy.   Is there a quid pro quo and how will we find out before it’s too late?  Is our international stance vis a vis Russia dependent on past favors, or future ones?

Democrats seem disinclined to wade into these waters, or indeed any muddy, sticky pollution insofar as they cannot yet see their way to cutting Donald off at the knees.   But in our mind, the responsibility for investigating histories of collusion between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin rests entirely with the Republicans.  He (Trump) after all is their fella.

Trash-talk from Donald, the crash of his followers’ hopes, the smash-up of Donald’s vehicular verbal assaults on the judiciary.   This is what we get instead of sane, steady reason on any front.

We used to joke about a race to the bottom.  No more.

Incidentally, in a recent national poll Americans granted The New York Times more trustworthiness than Mr. Trump by nearly forty points.  Further, The Times has begun printing daily guides to American history and jurisprudence for its readers who, miraculously, are growing in number.

How are things on “the fringe,” those het-up patriots who believe in defending their President with firearms and militia-like action?   These beknighted folk also believe Donald should be free to overturn any court decision he chooses.   Americans all, just as concerned about the Donald as others at a different end of the spectrum.

ON THE OTHER HAND, rumor has it (and even some realists believe) that out of sight the new administration is beginning to rely on the diplomatic habits of earlier, other administrations in an effort to calm allies and reassure them of the constancy of America.

In a few short words, we are getting what Donald promised.  That we see now this is not healthy for the US is the result of “letting Donald be Donald.”  It’s time, we believe, for the nation in effect to echo the millions who marched throughout the country on January 21st.  To make clear to our commander-in-chief that he is not everybody’s favorite baby in loud, insistent, and constant opposition to his reflexive lying, his ill-informed and apparently global ambition, his inability to hear and withstand criticism and concern.

If Mr. Trump snagged his new public office by pretending to listen to voters who felt they were being ignored by governments at state and national levels, it’s time once again to marshal those sentiments and “persist” in making clear to him that he may indeed have too much to learn to ever become the leader he sees in his fantasies.



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