“Fine-tuned machine!”

This from someone about whom people are just beginning to say two things: give him six months and he’s out, or, alternatively, “Maybe a little chaos is good for the country!”

In the words of Donald J. Trump/Meredith Willson,  “Oh, we got trouble, right here in River City/ and that starts with a T and ends with a P, and that spells trouble.”

There’s little point in directing your attention to the real status of this machine, or of listing its laboratory failures that keeps it from taking to the road.  But the administration can’t get out of the garage.

This is not the fault of the Press, or of the Democrats.   We are experiencing pretty much what so many millions anticipated   We hoped against hope we’d be wrong, but we weren’t.   We let Donald be Donald.  We waited breathlessly for the pivot from campaign to governing.  We persuaded ourselves that Mr. Trump would be able to surround himself with talented, experienced leaders of all kinds.

There have been a couple of notable miracles.  January 21st’s mass demonstrations.  The Ninth Circuit telling the Donald, “No, Donald, you can’t do that to people.”   Yesterday’s action to prove to the nation how valuable immigrant workers are.   A new and nationally energized opposition, unafraid to step off the curb into the path of Mr. Trump’s fine-tuned machine.

And before the garage doors were pulled open, the chaos in selecting which machines were ready for the parade.   Kellyanne’s commercial.   Mike Flynn’s resignation.    Mr.Pudzer’s withdrawal.   The tight battle over Betsy DeVos and today’s skirmish over Mr. Pruitt.   The refusal of Mr. Harward, after yesterday’s press conference, to assume the torn mantle of Mike Flynn – reputedly because he wanted his own staff around him and the White House refused his request lest a competing power center be constructed.   The “thirty-one year old’s” moment of fame, as frightening a fascistic look into the future as we’ve seen…apart from Mr. Trump’s own musings.

The “leaked” memoranda from concerned government workers that appear to threaten all 11 million illegals.  The total waste of our time and expectations now we have Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.   The raft of television commercials extolling the virtues of Mr. Trump’s would-be cabinet members.  And of course, Russia, and John McCain, and the battle over whether the Donald has lower ratings than the Press.

Not to mention the “mess” Mr. Trump says he inherited.

We are certain, sitting at our own machine, that there are tens of equally important topics never discussed by Mr. Trump in public.  His tax-returns; his broken vow to start no new foreign projects (See Trump, Eric).  His “gosh, who me?” approach to suddenly being called to account for “exaggerations”  –  “I was just handed some figures.”  The dishonesty of the Press which daily pins medals on itself for finally getting around to doing its job.

The reluctance of Congressional Republicans to criticize lest somehow their platform fail to be enacted.  Or worse, lest they individually fail to be returned to their sinecures and steady source of income.

All of this is BEFORE we get to The Wall, to Tax Reform, to Medicare and Medicaid, to the budget of the Defense Department, to proposals to limit immigration, but AFTER Mr. Trump has signed an executive order that would allow coal mines to dump  their slag into rivers and streams around the countryside, and AFTER executive orders for allowing pipelines of various lengths to pollute other waterways through the MidWest.

Finally, the confusion and perplexity of our Allies listening to Mr. Trump dictate terms for remaining members of NATO…regardless of the promises made by a select group of Asiatic billionaire “friends” to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the American economy…which may indeed go the way of The Wall.

To be fair, many if not most of Mr. Trump’s crowd couldn’t care less about any of the above.  But it IS germane to note that Trump’s base is comprised of 29 percent of those who voted for him, and that that 29 percent is far less than even half the Republican party.

There is no mandate for anything the current inhabitant of the White House or his minions feel crucial and desperately important.

Do we feel better about the future of the USA?  Can continual trouble in River City be avoided?

Laugh if you want, but during the campaign we always believed that the common sense and knowledge of American history (unknown and obviously considered unnecessary to Mr. Trump) of the average American voter would someday surface to save us all.

This, we believe, is still on the horizon.   But we also believe it’s still there.   A lot of wish-fulfillment will come to naught, of course.  But enough of it, we believe, continues to exist to the betterment and security of the US of A.




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