FROM the NEW YORKER, 2/27/17

We read this today and immediately wanted to call George Packer to discuss his take on Mr. Trump’s 77 minute “press conference.”

Instead, we hope readers will take the time to peruse Mr. Packer’s words, and to think about whether “irony”is the proper conclusion for his article.  We begin near the concluding paragraphs.

“The growing Russian scandal will challenge the willingness of the Party to hold the President accountable.  So far, the situation is not encouraging.  The heads of the key House and Senate committees are partisans who are doing as little as possible to expose corruption and possible treason in the White House.   The few critical Republican voices – Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins,and Representative Mark Sanford – are ineffective.  Perhaps Party leaders are privately searching their souls; perhaps, as with the old Bolshevik Rubashov, in Arthur Koestler’s”Darkness at Noon,” ideology and power have rendered them incapable of independent moral judgment.  Whatever the case, history won’t be kind to them.

“An authoritarian and erratic leader, a chaotic Presidency, a supine legislature, a resistant permanent bureaucracy, street demonstrations, fear abroad: this is what illiberal regimes look like.   If Trump were more rational and more competent, he might have a chance of destroying our democracy.”

We recommend purchase of this New Yorker issue in order to read the entire editorial.  At least, go to the drugstore and “audition” it.  It won’t take much time. And it will certainly persuade the millions of anti-Trump demonstrators around the country that what they’re doing is the right thing.


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