Call us naive, but is it possible that the nation has an unintended chance to come together as it considers the new Republicare legislation?

We know that since last summer, Trumpies and Democrats have been unable to communicate in a civil, thoughtful, nation-building manner.  But with the unveiling of Republicare, and the massing of opposition to it from organizations medical, surgical, administrative, political – even insurancy – and the concomitant realization of Trumpies that they are being had (along with at least half the Democrats in the country), isn’t there a chance – small but real – that voters of all persuasions can see the coming apocalypse and unite against it?

Without using labels, for example, fifty-year-old men of all parties can see that they’re in the cross-hairs of the administration’s weapons as being too old to worry about.   Who cares if this group pays more for healthcare than others?  Who cares if for financial reasons they are forced to slide off Republicare for a few months to earn a little something to be able to return to its waiting arms? And by doing so face a thirty percent increase in their premiums?

Who cares if hundreds of rural hospitals and health centers have to close because funding for Medicaid is going to cease in three years?  Who, after all, needs to go to a hospital or emergency room when he or she is paying the huge sum of $4000 for insurance (that can’t possible cover the cost of what needs to be done)?

Who cares that Health Savings Accounts, at current suggested levels, can’t begin to save a family from financial disaster in the face of cancer and its treatments?

Who cares that the fabled .001 percent of healthy, wealthy and wise may get as much as a two hundred thousand dollar tax break, and that a family of four that earns fifty thousand dollars a year is effectively thrown to the wolves?

America is not full of dummies.   We watched WOMEN throw the fear of God into members of Congress on January 21st.  We understand that united and arm-in-arm, raising our voices against injustices can actually be effective.

What we’re advocating here is that now is the time for neighbors who disagreed during the election of 2016 to talk to one another again as they gird their loins to fight the Republicare House, a bill that is being rushed through to enactment well before there is any public discussion of its contents?  (And where, pray, are the public hearings that should accompany consideration of this legislation?   Not scheduled, either in the House or the Senate.  Who cares that these men and women, elected putatively to assist Americans of all ages survive in conditions of confusion, concern, and worry, simply don’t give a damn?)

Now, as Spring approaches, is the time for neighbors to lean across fictional picket fences and commiserate.  To share the realization that our new President’s campaign promises are, and were, just that: promises, without reason, fact, or direction.  Trumpistas can be excused for being impregnated with doubt.   Democrats can be excused for having been suspicious all along.  Labels no longer matter as they did earlier. What matters is being screwed in a nonpartisan fashion by the very people who promised for months and months (and years!) not to do that.

Trumpistas, independents, Democrats are finally free of fear of each other and can begin to concentrate on the real and fairly horrifying scenes of the future that Republicare presents them.  And on how to – at a minimum – slow the action in the House until and unless real figures are attached to Republicare.  After all, they are being asked to approve a plan to which not a penny of income, or tax relief, or premium structures are appended.

One topic of neighborly conversation, for example, might the re-imposing of financial limits for various illnesses.

Another might be that with the passing of Republicare, state taxes – in nearly every state in the Union – are going to have to be raised simply in order to keep the medical/insurance package viable.  And who cares that this extra tax load falls unequally on the poor and middle class families, rather than on the .001 per cent?

These are no longer Republican concerns, or Democratic ones.

And haven’t we – really –missed our neighbors’ humor, habits, and heart?

Perhaps Republicare has given our entire nation the chance it was waiting for but hardly dared hope for: a moment of purpose and unity.  Forget the personalities involved in the White House.  They’ve forgotten about us – again, or still.

Let’s concentrate on putting the economic power, the super-structure power, the job power back in the hands of those with calluses and sore backs and insomnia, collars blue or white.   If Republicare wants to screw us all, let’s make sure it too is part of that outrage.



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