Ignore the exclamation mark.  Just count the letters.

In Donald Trump’s mind, we are all BLLANNKS.   Even the much touted Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Mnuchin, became an BLLANNK Wednesday for the sake of his president.

It’s one thing for the President to assume the nation as a whole is made of BLLANNKS, it’s something again to persuade your closest advisors and “friends” that they should join that crowd.

What becomes clearer and clearer as the press forces us to concentrate on whether this administration should even have another 100 days is that Trump’s attitude is exactly what it has been for nearly two years.  He’s wonderful, and the rest of us are BLLANNKS.

Presenting a one-page skeleton memo as a “promise kept” is ridiculous.   But in the President’s estimation, it’s probably more than we’re entitled to.  As Mr. Mnuchin weaseled so expertly, the country knows as much about Trump’s finances as it needs.

This is such a bald-faced lie, when we can’t even discuss tax reform without some sort of terrifyingly brutal decision on health care – i.e., how can we calculate what’s good for ANYONE without knowing how many ANYONES we’re dealing with and how? –makes us suspect that Wall Street might very well be happy to admit to contentment that Mnuchin’s gone.  As an BLLANNK, Mnuchin has joined the ranks of the biggest BLLANNKS in governmental history.

Mnuchin’s designation as an BLLANNK occurred just before the entire US Senate allowed itself to be penned into two gigantic busloads of BLLANNKS.  (Here, let us pause for a moment to introduce some of the biggest BLLANNKS in Congress, anyway: Pence, McConnell, McCarthy, Senate investigatory committees of all kinds.   Tom Price.  Paul Ryan.  Jeff Sessions has always been a BLLANNK.)

What are we witnessing? Cravenness.  If such a concept exists.

Now, we ask, why would anyone in the administration allow himself/herself to be lumped into a crowd of BLLANNKS – unless (bless you Maxine Waters) – we are able to follow the money?  In this particular case, follow the promise of money: its smell, taste, and other salient characteristics.

Is this what we get for our votes?  Cowardice, mixed with hungry ambition?

Both Houses of Congress know our very own Dear Leader is a charlatan.   Worse, we now know that his family contains the same reflexive liar’s genes.   The glow is off Ivanka.   And we have yet to hear Jared Kushner utter a word.

There is so much that’s happened in the last one hundred days that is irregular if not simply criminal that to supoena, indict, and prosecute should be elementary and instinctive.

Those most egregiously harmed by the administration, now or in the future, have somehow been converted into more BLLANNKS who no longer are given credit for allowing themselves to gamble and foist this miscreant on the nation.   The Miscreant himself has said he can do without them.

Why do the BLANNKS line up to support their president?

Safety, for one thing.  You may read that as fear if you like.   Better to be part of the BLLANNKS than an individual crusader out to assist his countrymen.  They get shot.

Here’s what we think: the people who “represent” us in D.C. are working on the “Come.”  That is, they’re betting with our future that they can be made richer by stringing along with Trump than they can otherwise.  Even better, at the rate he’s going, dismantling what we BLLANNKS have come to think of as the glories of democracy in the United States, the longer it’s going to take to reconstruct what he has already undone.  Which means their incomes are secure for from two to twenty years.

Which exposes another falsehood.   Having billions does NOT make you incorruptible.

Our Dear Leader is taking a page from the Soviet play book.  In his recent interview with Reuters, Trump began the often slow process of identifying “them,” our enemies, those who would do us physical harm and against whom we must prepare to fight.  We must be prepared at all times, for the threat never diminishes.   Soon enough, Trump will have convinced a good portion of the country that we are surrounded by danger: from ISIS, from North Korea, from Venezuela, Mexico, Canada.  From Russia itself.   If Vladimir Putin can con his people into seeing themselves continually assaulted by NATO troops, Trump can do the same.   If it works for Vlad, it will work for the Donald.   There must be as many BLLANNKS in Russia as there are here.

Yesterday we heard two former coal miners declare that Mr. Trump has done nothing to help them, despite his campaign promises.  What worries them most is losing their health care.

If that doesn’t signal revolution, nothing will.  If Congress passes an American Health Care Act 2.0 – ignoring the very real and painful concerns of their constituents (and their fears, which are stupendously real and well-founded) – the dye for the future will have been cast.  Add this likely event to the amount lower income households will be gifted with in caring for their children so that the adults in the family can go to work (see the single sheet “Tax Reforms” being waved in D.C by a number of BLLANNKS) of ten dollars per year and you have the making of a portable and explosive cocktail even we hesitate to credit to Mr. Molotov.

All we can think to advise is that the BLLANNKS of the nation unify and, at the very least, begin to sing a chorus of “Prove it! Prove it!’’ to our Dear Leader and his minions.   He won’t be able to reply in kind largely, we hope, because not all BLLANNKS are built exactly the same way.

Truly, it gives us no pleasure to say “We told you so.”   That only alienates further the BLLANNKS on our Dear Leader’s team.   And to point out that Mr. Trump himself is the biggest BLLANNK in American presidential history is obvious beyond argument.

Maybe the way to go is to address the BLLANNKS who supported (and still support) Trump and ask them to reconsider in light of what this nation is becoming: poor, frightened, at sea, without hope or dreams or even memories of what a great nation can do to make itself great again.


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