Who does?

We do. All of us.  The purported millions who think it’s swell.  The real millions of the rest of us.


Simple: TAXES.

Those people (Republicans and Democrats, et al) who diligently pay attention to that seminal date every April….and who have no say in how the government’s income (their tax money) is spent.

This is not to say we shouldn’t have input on spending.

It is to say that those in charge of dividing the pie (members of the House) really don’t give a damn what we think or how we feel.

The above is all self-evident by now.

We only post this to remind readers that there is still time to TRY to attract some attention for your choices.

It is not enough to write, email or call your own Congressman or Senator.  At least use the tools at your command to CARBON legislators from beyond your district or state.

True enough, Senators not up for re-election in 2018 couldn’t care less.

But the American voter’s memory is NOT only five minutes long.   And building for the future is something politicians understand.

We’re told we have but four days to go.

Let’s use them!


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