All right, enough!  Finally!

We’ve read how mysteriously people who come into contact with Donald J. Trump leave his presence somehow diminished, dirtier than they were, rougher, more silent, more fearful.  Everyone to whom he extends his hand, and who takes it, is weakened, lessened, sullied by his oh-so-well-practiced grip.

Sometimes he needn’t even speak for this transfiguration to occur.

But Saturday last, the 12th of August,2017, Trump reached what – God, we hope! – even for him is the bottom rung.

Charlottesville, Virginia, a bucolic, quiet, heretofore peaceful college town of intellect and beauty may as well have become Caracas.   Under the guise of protesting the removal of a statue commemorating a Civil War general, the alt-right (read that as you will…not everyone in that camp is a bonafied Nazi) demonstrated to us all that the lid is off, that people are no longer interested in being or even seeming to be civilized politically.

Taking their cue from our Dear Leader, the right has rallied to words, images, actions that earlier might have been tamped down for the sake of a well-functioning democracy.  For hundreds of years a beat has been pulsing below what at surface seems well-meaning if unacknowledged prejudice.  Our Dear Leader has lifted the lid.  Not necessarily because he believes in divisive statements, but to make certain those people who voted for him feel free do to do so again, only the second time without shame.

Many believe Trump is a wizard politically, sensing trends of sentiment, political bubbles, violent niches of yesteryear.

We believe he is a coward.

This was the Dear Leader’s official response to events in Virginia: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this display of egregious violence on many sides.   It’s been going on for a long time in our country, it’s not Donald Trump, it’s not Barack Obama.”

What it also isn’t is families and individuals who feel committed to civil rights of all kinds.

Having – as usual – found someone else to blame for the event, Dear Leader is incapable of calling out those behind the violence either by philosophy or by name, both of which were and are available.

The phrase above – “on many sides” – is designed to signal to his followers that he sees them, loves them, needs them.  And he does.  It is also a death-knell for the less violent demonstrators, in this particular case the “counter”-demonstrators, who over the past few months have grown accustomed to protesting peaceably what to them seem indications of fascism on the march.

What “on many sides” also signals is that people of good will are no longer safe, secure in their beliefs of the Constitutional rights to meet, march, protest.   Dear Leader doesn’t know much about the Constitution but for its few stipulations that keep him from becoming in reality what in fantasy he already is: KING.

The inability to call a spade a spade –not a racist term, please – simply shows us all what we got in the poke last autumn: a wildly uneducated man who’s been given a pass for seventy years because he shouts louder, pushes harder, has some loot, and a memory for insult that is second to none.  That he wanted to be KING we didn’t know for a long time.   That the nation, or a fairly hefty slice thereof, would allow this we also didn’t know.

If the man on the street who is not a Trumpie now feels uneasy, one of the reasons is that he and his family no longer have the confidence of their convictions – because the KING has united with bad king John’s barons and in invisible ink drawn up a series of royal proclamations that make fascism suddenly an approvable pastime.   These barely hidden statements also militate against aliens of all kinds, against civil rights, against voting rights, and worst of all for the nation the ability of a family of four to walk safely carrying signs to express their own sentiments about how life in these United States is to be lived.

All of this from a man who knows only one thing: he wants to be loved for himself (hah!).  If that can’t happen, he is not shy about pointing out his enemies internationally, but within the borders of the US he is timid because he needs approval so badly.  He’ll take approval from any and all sources, and in so doing makes those sources anathema to Americans who remember what our country was before his ascension.

The citizen who disagrees has fewer and fewer shelters.   The Senate and the House are both chicken hearted or, if you will, focused so tightly on keeping their own sources of income and insurance they have no time left for the people who put them into those chairs.   While redoubts of opposition exist state-by-state, or city-by-city, is wonderful, but when push comes to shove – or when funding ceases – they’re not in much better position than anyone else.  Up against a Dear Leader whose most reasonable battle plan is to deprive someone of his/her committee chair or assignment (this is called bullying or blackmail, if you prefer), it is not difficult to imagine other deprivations for which Dear Leader has a taste.

Charlottesville, thanks to our Dear Leader, has now become just another beleaguered dot on a map, forget Thomas Jefferson et al., another national war zone described by the same Dear Leader who cannot bring himself to call out neo-nazis or even shake a warning finger at the Klan.

We don’t need this!  And we sure as hell don’t love a leader who fears the mob at his back!

Enough, Pigpen!  Enough!


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