There IS hope.

Every day, on any media platform, we read, hear, see, parse, or have parsed for us, statistics indicating that what’s pushing the country (i.e., Mr. Trump) is propulsive because his ”base” has long felt unrecognized, ignored, treated as second-class citizens.   According to these reports – and many of them must be true – millions of American citizens have grown to feel useless, invisible, powerless.

What follows is NOT a bulletin from the front lines.  It is, rather, simple common sense, and we point it out in hopes that its value will not go south – i.e., that the Democrats will once again screw up and allow what’s taking place in our besieged nation to continue.

Say what we will about Dear Leader, his “base” got what they wanted: a Daddy who keeps his promises or else – the ‘or else’ eventually not only a scolding, but also a beating.   The “base” can take pleasure in watching “the swamp” being cleared – if they believe that.  Industries, sports teams, international allies, the spoiled, the rich, the one percent actually fearful that Dear One can and will alter their styles of  living.  Of course, this applies not only to the very well-off but also to the very poor, who fear being poorer, being deported, being imprisoned.

One of the stranger emotions citizens of the US experience makes no sense at all. For a country that appears to want to be directed and disciplined, that seems to admire the absolute power Trump himself covets when he looks at Russia, China, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia – we no longer believe it takes talent or thought to rule (at least the airwaves), to whit Dear Leader’s estimation of how much preparation he needs to meet with the leader of North Korea.  For the Donald, this is not matter of learning anything, or studying, or benefitting from others’ earlier experiences, it’s simply a matter of “Attitude.”

All our very own Dorothy needs to do is click her ruby heels together and the world will slew in the desired direction.  Not being in Kansas anymore but instead travelling by cloud, on a cloud, her (his) perceptions clouded by fantasies of flying carpets and billion man marches, Dear One need hardly leave the continental US in order to achieve peace on earth, good will toward all.  Those who would worry, instruct, or even “take a knee” are dolts who do not understand the simple power of fear.

The reasons we dare even consider HOPE for returning the United States into a sanctuary for the world’s neediest are not yet huge, but beginning to grow.   Congressional members who thus far have trembled to be exiled, to be put too far from the Dear One’s center of power, in effect to lose their well-paid but currently “no show” jobs are beginning to stir.  True enough, not too many of these are collecting proponents and fellow-travelers.  Senators Graham, Flake, Rubio, even Charles Grassley of Iowa are beginning to clear their throats, raise warning fingers, dare to disagree.   Paul Ryan himself has finally discovered that he can speak clearly while carrying a big stick.

Secondly, men and women on the street have begun to voice doubts about the Donald’s behavior, his cabinet choices, his retreat from what was once America’s primal standing in the world.  Every week another two dozen books dare to challenge the effectiveness and honesty of Dear One.

Finally, real HOPE is lifting its head from the sand.  For all the futility and powerlessness of the Donald’s real and unshakable base, the identical sensations are being transferred to the millions who have been waiting to see and to experience a change in their own status.  Where one ”base” has been ignored and maltreated, another “base” increasingly feels unempowered, run over, ignored and as miserably treated as the other.

It’s more than just hoping that in 2018 women of color, abused women, under-paid and undervalued women will line sidewalks throughout the nation to stand patiently to pull those levers and get rid of the sense they increasingly have of being marginalized, unheard, totally unrepresented.  It’s more than millions of men and women urging gun control, clean air and water, international comity.

What we are beginning to hear is a distant tsunami rolling from west to east, understanding at last that Dear Leader wants nothing at all to do with it.  His only interests are with his own coven of cronies who – until now – have believed that if they shouted loudly enough, confused the populace, made light of the constitutionality of our government’s long history of venality they would have to change nothing.

Yet America wants to change, certainly from the morass of self-interest and egotism in which it is now swimming.  It wants to keep trying to sort out some of the world’s imbalances and unfairnesses.   True enough, the US has often made mistakes but also yes, made mistakes of which we could be proud.

The Donald presents the nation with nothing of which to be confident, proud, good.

In time, America will shift once more from selfishness and self-interest to common sense and leadership.  And it won’t be the power of pardons that enables us to do this.  Instead, it will be the temporarily submerged memories of how we got here, what we did, what we imagined we wanted to do.  What we still can do.



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