After last week’s podcast, our “director, cameraman, advisor” and more-Republican-than-we-are friend, said to us, “You know, you’re getting boring.  It’s too much, week after week, hearing you go at Trump, his crew, his ideas.  You’re going to lose your audience if you can’t talk about some positive things.”

We thought seriously about this.  But then we remembered that the other half of our weekly endeavors for WHDD.FM included five segments each week called ”Good News,” wherein we found items of general surprise and interest: health concerns, elephants, dogs, happy children, veterans rising above their injuries.

In a moment of madness we thought about combining the two programs: Good News Amid the Bad, something like that.  And instantly we knew that the good news would overwhelm the bad, because people really DON’T like hearing bad news all the time.   It has already lead us all to Trump fatigue, administration fatigue, Russian fatigue, even if you are part of Trump’s base.

We think Americans believe that nothing that comes from Russia can do us harm (except of course the ultimate bomb).  Which is why Mr. Trump’s followers have, nearly to a man or woman, decided to can the Russian talk and to worry about it later.  What concerns THEM most, as it should we think, is their health care plan.

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