One of the problems we in America have just now is what we don’t know.  Fake news?  Real news?  Experience?  Make-believe?  Altruism?  Pocket-lining?

With nearly half-a-dozen investigations afoot – in Congress, in the office of the Special Counsel, in the Washington Post and The New York Times – wires are being crossed and what’s released to a pubic that cares is increasingly confusing.

Our reactions are not singular.   As each day passes with more and more “Breaking News,” anger grows, impatience, suspicion.

Regardless of whom one voted for, the results can now be seen to be, in our mind, disastrous.  Hiring a hockey rink jammed with ballet dancers – in effect, calling upon friends, neighbors, and family members – none of whom have any skating experience – is more than ridiculous.  It’s incredibly stupid.   Matching these artistic bozos with tasks to perform for the good of the public is tantamount to handing a six month old a bottle of J&B.   Balance is not improved, and knowledge is nowhere garnered.  Occasionally a good prima ballerina can be turned into a wizard on ice, but this happens so rarely we’d hardly recognize her.  It certainly isn’t happening in Washington today.

Today’s Primary Example: Jared Kushner.




One cannot say that the nation doesn’t pay attention to good suggestions…as far as they go.

After the shock of Bannon and Priebus situated to either side of our new president-elect in The White House, the country heard from all quarters that Thanksgiving should be a politics-free zone.  It was.  If by chance a guest or relative said “Trump,” he or she was closed down immediately, everywhere.

After the holiday, we tuned into the spectacle – and misdirection – of a new administration’s pick for Secretary of State.   Nightmare visions of Rudy Giuliani danced through our heads, like a long forgotten outtake from Disney’s “Fantasia.”  The other elephants inline were just as frightening to viewers of tender years: Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie, Mike Mullin, Jared Kushner.

Miraculously, the Trump crowd also hired someone (unknown to us) who actually knew what he/she was doing, and the names that surfaced for other spots around the cabinet table may not have been more pleasing to many of us, but they were generally well-researched.  They fit perfectly with the Donald’s fear-mongering campaign…the one that threatened the Wall, mass deportations, tariffs, business, voting itself.   The height of this series of head-fakes came with the mention of Mr. Kushner as ambassador of some kind to the mid-East and to Donald’s new decision to find a way to make peace between the Arabs and Israelis.

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